Xingqiu Ascension Materials, Talents & Stats

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Here are the complete lists of Xingqiu ascension materials and talent materials in Genshin Impact. He is a support and sub DPS that has the potential to do more off-field damage than almost every other character in the game. Learn more about his talent stats, base stats, constellations, and community ratings on this page.

Rating: 4.69/5. From 104 votes.
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Rarity Element Weapon
★★★★ Hydro Sword
Rating: 3.80/5. From 94 votes.
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Rating: 4.94/5. From 157 votes.
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Rating: 4.84/5. From 127 votes.
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– Can provide competent damage and support capabilites.
– Has a good combination of rapid elemental debuff applications.
– Cheap to build for support character.
– Elemental burst cost high energy.
– Long skills cooldown

Xingqiu’s Base Stats

Xingqiu’s ascension stat is Attack percentage, which increases with each ascension phase.

Level Hp Atk Def Atk
20 2842 56 211 0%
40 4712 93 349 6%
50 6027 119 447 12%
60 7190 142 533 12%
70 8352 165 619 18%
80 9514 188 705 24%
90 10222 202 758 24%

Xingqiu’s Ascension Materials

Below are the lists of all Xingqiu materials needed for each ascension level. The elemental gems can be obtained as a reward from defeating normal bosses such as Hydro Hypostasis, Primo Geovishap, Oceanid and weekly bosses such as Azhdaha, Dvalin, and Childe. As for Silk Flower, it can be collected near Yujing Terrace in Liyue Harbor.

Level Mora Materials
20 20,000
Varunada Lazurite Sliver
1x Varunada Lazurite Sliver
Damaged Mask
3x Damaged Mask
Silk Flower
3x Silk Flower
40 40,000
Varunada Lazurite Fragment
3x Varunada Lazurite Fragment
Damaged Mask
15x Damaged Mask
Silk Flower
10x Silk Flower
Cleansing Heart
2x Cleansing Heart
50 60,000
Varunada Lazurite Fragment
6x Varunada Lazurite Fragment
Stained Mask
12x Stained Mask
Silk Flower
20x Silk Flower
Cleansing Heart
4x Cleansing Heart
60 80,000
Varunada Lazurite Chunk
3x Varunada Lazurite Chunk
Stained Mask
18x Stained Mask
Silk Flower
30x Silk Flower
Cleansing Heart
8x Cleansing Heart
70 100,000
Varunada Lazurite Chunk
6x Varunada Lazurite Chunk
Ominous Mask
12x Ominous Mask
Silk Flower
45x Silk Flower
Cleansing Heart
12x Cleansing Heart
80 120,000
Varunada Lazurite Gemstone
6x Varunada Lazurite Gemstone
Ominous Mask
24x Ominous Mask
Silk Flower
60x Silk Flower
Cleansing Heart
20x Cleansing Heart
Total Materials
Varunada Lazurite Sliver
Varunada Lazurite Sliver
Varunada Lazurite Fragment
Varunada Lazurite Fragment
Varunada Lazurite Chunk
Varunada Lazurite Chunk
Varunada Lazurite Gemstone
Varunada Lazurite Gemstone
Cleansing Heart
Cleansing Heart
Silk Flower
Silk Flower
Damaged Mask
Damaged Mask
Stained Mask
Stained Mask
Ominous Mask
Ominous Mask

Xingqiu’s Talent Materials

These are the lists of total talent level up materials for Xingqiu. The Gold books are available every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday in Taishan Mansion located near Jueyun Karst.

Teachings of Gold
Teachings of Gold
Guide to Gold
Guide to Gold
Philosophies of Gold
Philosophies of Gold
Damaged Mask
Damaged Mask
Stained Mask
Stained Mask
Ominous Mask
Ominous Mask
Tail of Boreas
Tail of Boreas
Crown of Insight
Crown of Insight

Xingqiu’s Talents

Xingqiu can consistently apply Hydro to enemies at a very high rate while being off the field. He also has pure support characteristics that include damage reduction, resistance to interruption, and some healing. Because Xingqiu can do all of this while being off the field almost the entire time he’s an extremely useful character in so many team compositions.

Guhua Style | Attack
Normal Perform up to 5 rapid strikes.
Charge Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to unleash 2 rapid sword strikes.
Plunge Plunging Attack Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.
Attributes Level 1 Level 10
1-Hit DMG 46.61% 92.14%
2-Hit DMG 47.64% 94.18%
3-Hit DMG 28.55% + 28.55% 56.44% + 56.44%
4-Hit DMG 55.99% 110.67%
5-Hit DMG 35.86% + 35.86% 70.89% + 70.89%
Charged Attack DMG 47.3% + 56.16% 93.5% + 111.01%
Charged Attack Stamina Cost 20 20
Plunge DMG 63.93% 126.38%
Low/High Plunge DMG 127.84% / 159.68% 252.7% / 315.64%

Xingqiu’s normal attack is a series of five rapid strikes with the 3rd and 5th attacks in the string being a combination of two attacks. His charge attack performs two strikes and will cause enemies to be pushed away.

Guhua Sword: Fatal Rainscreen | Skill
Xingqiu performs twin strikes with his sword, dealing Hydro DMG. At the same time, this ability creates the maximum number of Rain Swords, which will orbit your active character. The Rain Swords have the following properties:
– When a character takes DMG, the Rain Sword will shatter, reducing the amount of DMG taken.
– Increase the character’s resistance to interruption.
– 20% of Xingqiu’s Hydro DMG Bonus will be converted to additional DMG Reduction for the Rain Swords. The maximum amount of additional DMG Reduction that can be gained this way is 24%.
– The initial maximum number of Rain Swords is 3.
– Using this ability applies the Wet status onto the character.
Attributes Level 1 Level 15
Skill DMG 168% + 191.2% 399% + 454.1%
Damage Reduction Ratio 20% 29%
Duration 15 Seconds 15 Seconds
Cooldown 20 Seconds 20 Seconds

Xingqiu’s elemental skill is where the majority of his pure support potential lies. The elemental skill deals with two instances of hydro damage in a small AoE to enemies directly in front of him. He will apply Hydro to himself however this only lasts for about 0.3 seconds so use some caution when casting this skill. The damage scaling on his elemental skill is actually quite high at 359% at only talent level 1 and 503% at talent level 6.

This skill also reduces damage taken while it is active by between 20 and 29 between talent levels 1 and 10 with an additional amount added based on 20% of Xingqiu’s Hydro damage bonus.

For each time he takes damage, one of his rain swords will shatter. This is not as good as a shield but considering the other advantages of this skill, it is certainly useful and with a 15-second duration on a 21-second cooldown it will be up the majority of the time. With Xingqiu’s first passive talent this skill will regenerate 6% of his’s max hp to the active character each time a sword is shattered.

Another advantage to this skill particularly for melee carries is that it will apply the wet status to enemies that come into contact with the rain swords. This can be extremely useful for characters like Diluc, Keqing, or Beidou as it will allow them to inflict that elemental reactions vaporize and electrocharged even without his burst up.

Guhua Sword: Raincutter | Burst
Initiate Rainbow Bladework and fight using an illusory sword rain, while creating the maximum number of Rain Swords.
Rainbow Bladework – Your active character’s Normal Attacks will trigger consecutive sword rain attacks, dealing Hydro DMG.
– Rain Swords will remain at the maximum number throughout the ability’s duration.
– These effects carry over to other characters.
Attributes Level 1 Level 15
Sword Rain DMG 54.27% 128.9%
Duration 15 Seconds 15 Seconds
Cooldown 20 Seconds 20 Seconds
Energy Cost 80 80

His elemental burst will trigger consecutive rain sword attacks throughout its duration and these occur through basic attacking with the active character and this can be a melee, bow, or catalyst user. However, their range is limited and therefore they will not work with ranged characters once they pass a certain distance from the enemy. The swords will trigger even if an opponent is not hit with your active character and the swords can still hit in this case.

In order to get the maximum amount of damage from his elemental burst, it is essential to use a character whose attack animation does not exceed one second and to continuously attack for the 15 seconds it is up. Upon casting his burst, the maximum number of rain swords will be applied and these will remain throughout the duration of his burst. Meaning his burst provides as much or more damage mitigation than his skill.

Xingqiu’s Passive Talents

Unlock 2 more passive talents for Xingqiu on his first and fourth ascension phase.

When a Rain Sword is shattered or when its duration expires, it regenerates the current character’s HP based on 6% of Xingqiu’s Max HP.
Blades Amidst Raindrops
Xingqiu gains a 20% Hydro DMG Bonus.
Flash of Genius
When Xingqiu crafts Character Talent Materials, he has a 25% chance to refund a portion of the crafting materials used.

Xingqiu’s Constellations

New constellation’s passive abilities can be unlocked for Xingqiu each time you obtain a character’s specific item called Stella Fortuna and these upgrades can permanently enhance him in various ways.

The Scent Remained
Increases the maximum number of Rain Swords by 1. (Making the total amount of Rain Swords 4)
Rainbow Upon the Azure Sky
Extends the duration of Guhua Sword: Raincutter by 3s. Decreases the Hydro RES of opponents hit by sword rain by 15% for 4s.
Weaver of Verses
Increases the level of Guhua Sword: Raincutter by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
Throughout the duration of Guhua Sword: Raincutter, the DMG dealt by Guhua Sword: Fatal Rainscreen is increased by 50%.
Embrace of Rain
Increases the level of Guhua Sword: Fatal Rainscreen by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
Hence, Call Them My Own Verses
Activating 2 of Guhua Sword: Raincutter’s sword rain attacks greatly increases the DMG of the third. Xingqiu regenerates 3 Energy when sword rain attacks hit opponents.

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he is a really good support character.

I was a little disappointed when I drew xingqiu lol, but I still played anyway. Got chongyun recently and pretty happy with him already.

Xingqiu imo is a pretty good character and here is why:

1. He has damage reduction during his 1st and 2nd skill.
2. If any of the 3 swords (4 with constellation) gets shattered, Xingqiu regenerates 6%HP per each one.
3. Base stats may not be extremely good but he also has ATK% as 4th base stat which is pretty good for more dmg.
4. During his skills, he gets increased resistance to interruption which is pretty useful if you don’t have time to dodge or for pretty strong attacks.
5. The damage of the first skill is pretty good + it seems to be on a circle area and even some mid air.