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he is a really good support character.

I was a little disappointed when I drew xingqiu lol, but I still played anyway. Got chongyun recently and pretty happy with him already.

Xingqiu imo is a pretty good character and here is why:

1. He has damage reduction during his 1st and 2nd skill.
2. If any of the 3 swords (4 with constellation) gets shattered, Xingqiu regenerates 6%HP per each one.
3. Base stats may not be extremely good but he also has ATK% as 4th base stat which is pretty good for more dmg.
4. During his skills, he gets increased resistance to interruption which is pretty useful if you don’t have time to dodge or for pretty strong attacks.
5. The damage of the first skill is pretty good + it seems to be on a circle area and even some mid air.