Xenochromatic Crystal Locations & Fast Farming Route

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Xenochromatic Crystal is a common material used for character and weapon ascension in Genshin Impact. This page contains everything you need to know about where to find Xenochromatic Crystal and which characters and weapons use it.

Xenochromatic Crystal
Xenochromatic Crystal
Rarity Material Type Dropped By
★★★ Common Drops Fontemer Aberrants
Item Series
Transoceanic Pearl Transoceanic Chunk Xenochromatic Crystal
Transoceanic Pearl Transoceanic Chunk Xenochromatic Crystal

A large crystal obtained from a defeated Fontemer Aberrant. It contains a mysterious energy.All rivers and seas originate in Fontaine, but the water loses all its unique properties once it flows outside Fontaine’s borders.

Xenochromatic Crystal Locations

Xenochromatic Crystal is obtainable from defeating a level 60+ Fontemer Aberrants that can be found on both land and water in Fontaine.

Fontemer Aberrants

Angelic Sea Hare

Armored Crab

Ball Octopus


Bubbler Seahorse

Bubbly Seahorse

Cherubic Sea Hare

Hat Jellyfish

Hunter’s Ray

Sternshield Crab

Xenochromatic Crystal Usage

Xenochromatic Crystal is used for ascending and upgrading the talents of the following characters:



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