Windrise Chest Locations

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These are the location of all chests that can be found in Windrise in the Mondstadt region and some of these chests are well hidden and required some puzzles to unlock.

Windrise Chests Location

Windrise North Chest Locations
1. Under a tree
2. Destroy the small rock pile and an anemo slime will spawn. Defeating it will reveal the hidden chest.
3. Follow the Seelie
4. Destroy the hyro rock and a Large Cryo Slime will spawns. Defeat it to reveal the chest.
5. Beside the T-shaped stone.
6. Behind a breakable pile of rocks next to the cliff.
7. Defeat the Hilichurls to unseal the chest.
8. In the shallow water.
9. Guarded by Hilichurls.
10. Kill the three Small Anemo Slimes flying around on top of the tress to reveal the chest.
11. Use pyro to unlock the chest.
12. Kill three small Anemo Slimes to reveal the hidden chest. The Anemo Slimes will spawn when approaching the two Dandelions at the top of the cliff.
13. Beside the broken wagon.
Windrise South Chest Locations
1. Behind the rock. This chest may be glitched, as multiple users have reported not finding it.
2. Protected by two Hilichurl.
3. Use Pyro to burn the vines.
4. Follow the Mysterious Seelie here to spawn an Exquisite Chest.
5. Defeat Hilichurls to unlock the chest.
6. On top of the pillar.
7. Follow the Mysterious Seelie here to spawn an Exquisite Chest.
8. Defeat the group of enemies on this location and a chest will appear next to the broken wall piece.
9. Defeat all hilichurls to unseal the chest.
10. On top of a small water fall.
11. Activate all 3 elemental monument to reveal the chest.
12. Between the roots and the rocks in a small crevice.
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