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venti is such a good 5 star, she is so cute too. she loved drinking a lot it and also makes me horny. i have c3 venti best char

Just want to share my happiness to ya’ll, I got him at 76th wish! Always start your singles at 74! Soft pity starts there.

i got him at 79 after spending all of primogems but it was totally worth it

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Didn’t expect to find such a nice and detailed guide! Thanks a lot!

This is a really good guide especially when venti is right around the corner

Can i use him as a main dps for my team?

Yes if you do not have a stronger character but i would advise him as a sub dps. He is very strong as sub dps that will do huge damage and decrease the elemental resistance of the enemies based on your team’s attack.

almost there boys

this is very helpful thanks 😀