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Here are the complete lists of Venti materials for his ascension and talents in Genshin Impact. Learn more about his talent scaling stats, base stats, constellations, and community ratings on this page.

Rating: 4.89/5. From 1.35K votes.
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Rarity Element Weapon
★★★★★ Anemo Bow
Rating: 3.85/5. From 214 votes.
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Rating: 4.49/5. From 193 votes.
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Rating: 4.78/5. From 249 votes.
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– One of the best support character.
– High energy regeneration.
– Crowd control king.
– His elemental skill is very useful in exploration.
– His elemental burst does not react well in enemies with elemental auras.
– Hard to melee enemies inside his elemental burst.

Venti Base Stats

Venti’s ascension stat is bonus energy recharge, which increases with each ascension phase.

Level Hp Atk Def Energy Recharge
20 2830 71 180 0%
40 4734 118 301 8%
50 6112 153 388 16%
60 7331 183 465 16%
70 8557 214 543 24%
80 9791 245 622 32%
90 10531 263 669 32%

Venti Ascension Materials

Here is the list of Venti materials needed to reach his maximum ascension level: Vayuda Turquoise, Slimes, and Hurricane Seed. As for Cecilia, it can be collected in the wild at Starsnatch Cliff.

Vayuda Turquoise Sliver
Vayuda Turquoise Sliver
Vayuda Turquoise Fragment
Vayuda Turquoise Fragment
Vayuda Turquoise Chunk
Vayuda Turquoise Chunk
Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone
Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone
Hurricane Seed
Hurricane Seed
Slime Condensate
Slime Condensate
Slime Secretions
Slime Secretions
Slime Concentrate
Slime Concentrate

Venti Talent Materials

The materials to level up Venti’s talent are Slimes and Ballad book series from Forsaken Rift Domain located between Springvale and Dragonspine in Mondstadt. His weekly boss material Tail of Boreas is a possible rewards from completing the Wolf of the North Challenge trounce domain in Mondstadt.

The total level-up materials required for each of Venti’s Talents are as follows:

Teachings of Ballad
Teachings of Ballad
Guide to Ballad
Guide to Ballad
Philosophies of Ballad
Philosophies of Ballad
Slime Condensate
Slime Condensate
Slime Secretions
Slime Secretions
Slime Concentrate
Slime Concentrate
Tail of Boreas
Tail of Boreas
Crown of Insight
Crown of Insight

Venti Talents

As an archer with the power of Anemo, Venti can battle with ease in almost any environment. His versatile attack style and his ability to launch enemies with his elemental skill allow for a high amount of mobility in battle. His unique elemental burst can pull together nearby enemies making him a strategic character who can both deal damage and control the battlefield.

Divine Marksmanship
Normal Attack
Normal Attack
Perform up to 6 consecutive shots with a bow.
Charge Attack
Perform a more precise Aimed Shot with increased DMG. While aiming, favorable winds will accumulate on the arrowhead. A fully charged wind arrow will deal Anemo DMG.
Plunge Attack
Fires off a shower of arrows in mid-air before falling and striking the ground, dealing AoE DMG upon impact.
Attributes Level 1 Level 10
1-Hit DMG 20.38% + 20.38% 40.29% + 40.29%
2-Hit DMG 44.38% 87.72%
3-Hit DMG 52.37% 103.53%
4-Hit DMG 26.06% + 26.06% 51.51% + 51.51%
5-Hit DMG 50.65% 100.13%
6-Hit DMG 70.95% 140.25%
Aimed Shot 43.86% 86.7%
Fully-Charged Aimed Shot 124% 223.2%
Plunge DMG 56.83% 112.34%
Low/High Plunge DMG 113.63% / 141.93% 224.62% / 280.57%

His normal attacks can perform up to 6 consecutive shots. The first and fourth shots can fire an extra arrow while the sixth shot deals greater damage. Hold the attack button to use a more powerful aimed shot. When fully charged, an Anemo-infused arrow is fired to deal even more damage to the enemy.

Skyward Sonnet
Elemental Skill
O wind upon which all hymns and songs fly, bear these earth-walkers up into the sky! Opponents hit by Skyward Sonnet will fall to the ground slowly.
Summons a Wind Domain at the opponent’s location, dealing AoE Anemo DMG and launching opponents into the air.
Summons an even larger Wind Domain with Venti as the epicenter, dealing AoE Anemo DMG and launching affected opponents into the air. After unleashing the Hold version of this ability, Venti rides the wind into the air.
Attributes Level 1 Level 15
Press DMG 276% 655.5%
Press Cooldown 6 Seconds 6 Seconds
Hold DMG 380% 902.5%
Hold Cooldown 15 Seconds 15 Seconds

Venti summons a wind domain at the enemy’s location dealing area of effect Anemo damage. Enemies are launched into the air and fall slowly to the ground. Hold Skyward Sonnet to summon an even larger wind domain around Venti to deal with a greater area of effect damage and launching enemies into the air.

Venti can also use this powerful wind to fly high into the air not only to attack enemies but also to dodge attacks and move around the environment. If the opportunity presents itself you can also use a plunging attack from above. After unlocking the Talent “Embrace of Winds”, holding Skyward Sonnet will also create a temporary upcurrent as you fly into the air.

Wind’s Grand Ode
Elemental Burst
Fires off an arrow made of countless coalesced winds, creating a huge Stormeye that sucks in objects and opponents and deals continuous Anemo DMG.
Elemental Absorption
If the Stormeye comes into contact with Hydro/Pyro/Cryo/Electro elements, it will deal with additional elemental DMG of that type. Elemental Absorption may only occur once per use.
Attributes Level 1 Level 15
DoT 37.6% 89.3%
Additional Elemental DMG 18.8% 44.65%
Duration 8 seconds 8 seconds
Cooldown 15 Seconds 15 Seconds
Energy Cost 60 60

By firing an arrow infused with Anemo, Venti creates a fierce storm that sucks in surrounding enemies and deals with Anemo damage. Contact with any elements causes the storm to absorb that element and deal additional elemental damage. The storm can only absorb one element each time.

After unlocking the Talent “Stormeye”, Venti’s energy will be replenished at the end of Wind’s Grand Ode. If an element was absorbed, the Energy of party members of that element will also be replenished.

Even though Venti is more than capable of handling different obstacles in the battle, strategic party selection and teamwork can help you maximize Venti’s abilities. Overall, Venti is one of the best supports in the game at the moment and can deal with some extremely high elemental damage.

Venti Passive Talents

Unlock 2 more passive talents for Venti on his first and fourth ascension phase.

Embrace of Winds
1st Ascension Passive
Holding Skyward Sonnet creates an upcurrent that lasts for 20s.
4th Ascension Passive
Regenerates 15 Energy for Venti after the effects of Wind’s Grand Ode end. If an Elemental Absorption occurred, this also restores 15 Energy to all characters of that corresponding element in the party.
Utility Passive
Decreases gliding Stamina consumption for your own party members by 20%. Not stackable with Passive Talents that provide the exact same effects.

Venti Constellations

New constellation’s passive abilities can be unlocked for Venti each time you obtain a character’s specific item called Stella Fortuna and these upgrades can permanently enhance Venti in various ways.

Splitting Gales
Constellation 1
Fires 2 additional arrows per Aimed Shot, each dealing 33% of the original arrow’s DMG.
Breeze of Reminiscence
Constellation 2
Skyward Sonnet decreases opponents’ Anemo RES and Physical RES by 12% for 10s. Opponents launched by Skyward Sonnet suffer an additional 12% Anemo RES and Physical RES decrease while airborne.
Ode to Thousand Winds
Constellation 3
Increases the Level of Wind’s Grand Ode by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
Hurricane of Freedom
Constellation 4
When Venti picks up an Elemental Orb or Particle, he receives a 25% Anemo DMG Bonus for 10s.
Concerto dal Cielo
Constellation 5
Increases the Level of Skyward Sonnet by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
Storm of Defiance
Constellation 6
Targets who take DMG from Wind’s Grand Ode have their Anemo RES decreased by 20%. If an Elemental Absorption occurred, then their RES towards the corresponding Element is also decreased by 20%.

More Characters

Upcoming Characters

These are the upcoming characters that have been announced by miHoyo and some of them are leaked by beta tester players. Their stats are yet to be confirmed and may change upon release.

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i cant wait for his rerun in 4.1! saving up all my primo and skipping every new chars in 4.0 updates hehehe

Just want to share my happiness to ya’ll, I got him at 76th wish! Always start your singles at 74! Soft pity starts there.

i got him at 79 after spending all of primogems but it was totally worth it

got him at 80 lmao

Didn’t expect to find such a nice and detailed guide! Thanks a lot!

This is a really good guide especially when venti is right around the corner

Can i use him as a main dps for my team?

Yes if you do not have a stronger character but i would advise him as a sub dps. He is very strong as sub dps that will do huge damage and decrease the elemental resistance of the enemies based on your team’s attack.

almost there boys

this is very helpful thanks :D