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With this new Genshin Impact Unreconciled Stars event, travelers can complete challenges related to the meteorites, collecting Fading Star’s Might and Fading Star’s Essence and exchanging them for goods at the Event shop.

In this guide, we will teach you how to complete the Unreconciled Stars event and its 3 stages. With this event, you will be able to get a free copy of Fischl as part of the rewards and of course, if you already have Fischl that means you are getting a free Constellation upgrade for her.

Event Details

unreconciled stars event guide

First off, you will need to be Adventure Rank 20 or above to participate. As stated, the Unreconciled Stars event has 3 phases. The first one Unknown Star is starting on the 16th of November. The second phase Star of Deceitful Dreams will start after just short of 2 days on November 18th. On the 23rd of November, the third phase Star of Destiny will arrive. This third and final phase will last until November 30th.

Aside from the top prize, you will be able to get character Ascension materials, Hero’s Wit, Mystic Enhancement Ore, Talent level up materials, and Crown of Insight which is a talent upgrade material for level 10 talents.

During Meteorite Remains Salvage and Fading Star challenges the characters Childe, Mona, Fischl, Lisa, Beidou, Ningguang, Noelle, Chongyun and Xiangling will be dealing 60% additional damage. So craft your team accordingly when taking on these challenges. Unlike the Elemental Crucible Event, you are actually allowed to participate solo in this event. However, multiplayer is still an option and maybe recommended as usual.

Unknown Star – Overture

In this quest, you have to collect 21 shards from 3 areas in able to complete it but there will be more meteorite shards that you can find and exchange them for a good reward. There is a total of 62 Meteorite Shards to collect, use our map below to find each of the meteorites locations faster.

Where Stars Fall

Some of the meteorites here in Starfell Lake region are embedded in the walls so look for them ahead.

Guyun Starcatcher

Most of the meteorites here in Guyun Stone Forest are easy to get and more visible than Starfell Lake.

Meteors Over Qingce

The Qingce Village is pretty straightforward, I recommend going for the meteorite at the northwest first since they’re the farthest away. Do note that some meteorite areas might not appear immediately do your map due to elevation differences much like how some Geoculus and Anemoculs don’t show up on the map unless you are in the same elevation level.

Star of Deceitful Dreams

In this quest, you have to collect 21 shards from 3 areas in able to complete it but there will be more meteorite shards that you can find and exchange them for a good reward. There is a total of 56 Meteorite Shards to collect, use our map before to find each of them faster.

None of the meteorites are embedded in the walls. You can collect them in any order or follow the route to save time. If the markers don’t show immediately, you are probably not at the same elevation as the meteor.

Yaoguang Algol

Stardust in Jueyun

Qingyun Peak Meteorite Shards Locations

Starlit Cape Oath

Dadaupa Gorge Meteorite Shards Locations

Star of Destiny

After completing the prerequisite quest, you can find Mona at the East of Windrise to find out where are the meteorite remains. Every time you talk to Mona, she will show you 4 random locations of the meteorite remains and you need to salvage all 4 meteorite remains before finding her again.

After reaching the locations of meteorite remain, interact with it, and select the difficulty you want to attempt.

Challenge 1 Tips

Take note of the elemental sign on the meteorite remain. You can use elemental attacks to create reactions that will remove the elemental enhancements on the monsters.

Challenge 2 Tips

Your progress will reduce significantly when you leave the zone. Make sure not to leave the zone even if the monsters are outside the zone. Wait for them to come back in or attack them with your character that uses a bow.

Claiming The Rewards

You need to use resin to salvage the meteorite remains in order to complete the quests for the event. You can get up to 180 Primogems from salvaging meteorite remains!

New Quests Unlocked

There are a total of 3 new quests added to Meteoric Wave which will give you a total of 120 Primogems. The quests will last until the event ends. You can take your time to complete them.

You can still collect those meteorite shards from Day 1 and Day 2. However, they do not respawn. Prioritize on exchanging Adventure Experience, Hero Wits, and 10,000 Mora from the event shop. The rates are much better compared to ascension fragments.

Challenge 3 Tips

You can eliminate those monsters around the meteorite remains before you start the challenge as eliminating them during the challenge will not increase your progress.

Claiming Fischl

At the bottom right of the event menu there is a Fischl icon with the text “Prinzessin’s Pact” and clicking it shows what you need to do to get Fischl.

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