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In this guide, you learn how to complete the world quest called “Unlock The Secret Of Tianqui Valley” in Genshin Impact. While this quest is a bit challenging due to the different challenges, the sheer amount of loots that you can get is well-worth the effort.

Before you start this quest, you will need Geo Traveller or Venti, or Keqing. If you don’t have one of these characters, go to Statue of the Seven in Liyue area and switch your main character to Geo.

tianqui valley ancient tablet

To start the world quest, you need to interact with the ancient tablet in Tianqiu Valley. In order to complete the quest, you will need to complete 3 challenges and bring the Prism back from each one of them to the pillar by the tablet.

South Building – Time Challenge

Complete the challenge in the South building by defeating all enemies within a time limit on each floor until you reach the third floor. On the last floor, take the glowing piece and place it back in the circle just in front of the Ancient Tablet.

North Building – Puzzle Challenge

You will need to light all the torches and make sure you all of them are lit. There are 3 levels to this challenge and you want Amber or any Pyro character at your party.

1st Floor Puzzle

Since your goal is to light up everything, you just have to light up one from a Tall lantern and one from a short lantern using your Pyro character.

2nd Floor Puzzle

To complete this puzzle, just follow our image guide below.

3rd Floor Puzzle

Light up all 8 lanterns in the room with a Pyro character using the sequence from this image below.

West Building – Race Challenge

To finish this challenge, you need to reach the location within 60 seconds. Use your Geo Traveller, Venti, or Keqing’s skill on the platform to climb faster. There is a hidden chest behind the pillar where the prism is located, interact by the wall to open the chest. You will be able to get the items from that chest by going outside behind that building.

Completing The Quest

After you bring the 3 prisms back to the pillar, a group of enemies will spawn in and all you have to do is defeat them and this will complete the quest and 3 Luxurious Chest will appear.

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