Thousand Winds Temple Chest Locations

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These are the location of all chests that can be found in Thousand Winds Temple. Some of these chests are well hidden and required some puzzles to unlock. Getting all the chest in this area counts towards Starfell Valley exploration progress.

Thousand Winds Temple Chests Route A

Chest How To Get
Common 1. Defeat the Water Slimes to unlock the chest. View
Exquisite 2. Unlocks the hidden chest by activating the Fire, Electro, and Cryo Totem in order. View
Common 3. Behind the big arena in the left corner. View
Exquisite 4. Climb the tallest part of the ruins just right next to the Anemoculus. View
Exquisite 5. Destroy 3 barrels on nearby pillars to reveal hidden chest on the ground level. View
Precious 6. Defeat the Ruin Guard. View
Common 7. Hidden behind a ruined wall. View
Common 8. Inside the ruins on ground level just near the pillar. View
Common 9. Behind the breakable rocks. View
Common 10. Hidden from view by the big broken road. View
Common 11. Next to a half fallen pillar. View
Common 12. Break the pile of rocks covering the chest. View
Exquisite 13. Guarded by Hilichurls. View
Exquisite 14. Follow the Mysterious Seelie on top of a stone wall behind the sun dial. View
Common 15. Behind broken wall east of the carving marks. View
Common 16. On the lower floor just behind a broken wall. View

Thousand Winds Temple Chests Route A

Chest How To Get
Common 1. Under the breakable rock. View
Common 2. In crevice. View
Common 3. Under the breakable rock. View
Exquisite 4. Defeat the Hilichurls to unseal the chest. View
Common 5. In a small camp under the cliff. View
Exquisite 6. Defeat the Cryo Abyss Mage to spawn the chest. View
Common 7. Next to broken wall behind the grass and trees. View
Common 8. Between platform and the big rocks. View
Common 9. Next to path behind broken walls. View
Exquisite 10. Defeat the Hilichurls. View
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