Sucrose Ascension Materials, Talents & Stats

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Here are the complete lists of Sucrose materials for her ascension and talents in Genshin Impact. Learn more about her talent scaling stats, base stats, constellations, and community ratings on this page.

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Rarity Element Weapon
★★★★ Anemo Catalyst
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– Cheap to build for support role.
– Boost your team’s elemental mastery
– Elemental skill has weak gravitional pull.
– Elemental burst has one of the biggest energy cost and longest cooldowns.

Sucrose Base Stats

Sucrose’s ascension stat is bonus Anemo Dmg, which increases with each ascension phase.

Level Hp Atk Def Anemo Dmg
20 2570 47 195 0%
40 4261 78 324 6%
50 5450 100 414 12%
60 6501 120 494 12%
70 7552 139 574 18%
80 8604 158 654 24%
90 9244 170 703 24%

Sucrose Ascension Materials

Here is the list of Sucrose materials needed to reach her maximum ascension level: Vayuda Turquoise, Nectars from Whopperflower, and Hurricane Seed. As for Windwheel Aster, it can be collected near the Statue of The Seven at Windrise.

Vayuda Turquoise Sliver
Vayuda Turquoise Sliver
Vayuda Turquoise Fragment
Vayuda Turquoise Fragment
Vayuda Turquoise Chunk
Vayuda Turquoise Chunk
Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone
Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone
Windwheel Aster
Windwheel Aster
Hurricane Seed
Hurricane Seed
Whopperflower Nectar
Whopperflower Nectar
Shimmering Nectar
Shimmering Nectar
Energy Nectar
Energy Nectar

Sucrose Talent Materials

The materials to level up Sucrose’s talent are Whopperflower Nectar and Freedom book series from Forsaken Rift Domain located between Springvale and Dragonspine in Mondstadt. Her weekly boss material Spirit Locket of Boreas is a possible rewards from completing the Wolf of the North Challenge trounce domain in Mondstadt.

The total level-up materials required for each of Sucrose’s Talents are as follows:

Teachings of Freedom
Teachings of Freedom
Guide to Freedom
Guide to Freedom
Philosophies of Freedom
Philosophies of Freedom
Whopperflower Nectar
Whopperflower Nectar
Shimmering Nectar
Shimmering Nectar
Energy Nectar
Energy Nectar
Spirit Locket of Boreas
Spirit Locket of Boreas
Crown of Insight
Crown of Insight

Sucrose Talents

There are several components to Sucrose’s talents that make her extremely powerful support including crowd control, the ability to inflict swirl with all three of her talents, and boosting the elemental mastery of your entire team. With the way that swirl reactions work in this game she can easily dish out big damage numbers with a single elemental skill.

Wind Spirit Creation
Normal Attack
Normal Attack
Performs up to 4 attacks using Wind Spirits, dealing Anemo DMG.
Charge Attack
Consumes a certain amount of Stamina and deals AoE Anemo DMG after a short casting time.
Plunge Attack
Calling upon the power of her Wind Spirits, Sucrose plunges towards the ground from mid-air, damaging all opponents in her path. Deals AoE Anemo DMG upon impact with the ground.
Attributes Level 1 Level 10
1-Hit DMG 33.46% 60.24%
2-Hit DMG 30.62% 55.11%
3-Hit DMG 38.45% 69.21%
4-Hit DMG 47.92% 86.25%
Charged Attack DMG 120.16% 216.29%
Charged Attack Stamina Cost 50 50
Plunge DMG 56.83% 112.34%
Low/High Plunge DMG 113.63% / 141.93% 224.62% / 280.57%

Her normal and charge attack deals with Anemo damage. This talent actually has the ability to inflict Swirl therefore damage from this attack scales both off of Sucrose’s attack as well as her elemental mastery.

Swirling an element will unlock the potential of your main carry or other supports to do additional damage so being able to trigger this with no energy cost can come in very handy.

Astable Anemohypostasis Creation – 6308
Elemental Skill
Creates a small Wind Spirit that pulls opponents and objects towards its location, launches opponents within its AoE, and deals Anemo DMG.
Attributes Level 1 Level 15
Skill DMG 211.2% 501.6%
Cooldown 15 Seconds 15 Seconds

Her elemental skill deals with AoE Anemo damage and this talent also have the ability to Swirl. Anemo damage scales off of Sucrose’s attack while any resulting Swirl damage scales off of sucrose’s elemental mastery as well as her level.

Because of the large area of effect and the number of enemies the Swirl damage can hit, this is one of the reasons why building elemental mastery for Sucrose can be very beneficial. This is because when sucrose uses her skill or burst, there can be more Swirl reactions that occur than Anemo damage alone, and Swirl reaction damage scales with her elemental mastery.

Forbidden Creation – Isomer 75 / Type II
Elemental Burst
While it persists, the Large Wind Spirit will continuously pull in surrounding opponents and objects, launch nearby opponents, and deal Anemo DMG.
Elemental Absorption
If the Wind Spirit comes into contact with Hydro/Pyro/Cryo/Electro energy, it will deal additional Elemental DMG of that type. Elemental Absorption may only occur once per use.
Attributes Level 1 Level 15
DoT 148% 351.5%
Additional Elemental DMG 44% 104.5%
Duration 6 Seconds 6 Seconds
Cooldown 20 Seconds 20 Seconds
Energy Cost 80 80

Sucrose’s elemental burst is similar to her elemental skill that performs AoE and Anemo damage and pulls enemies. In addition, her burst inflicts a total of 3x over 6 seconds or 4x if you have constellation 2. With each tick of her burst, she will deal Anemo damage that scales with Sucrose’s attack, additional elemental damage based on the first element that her burst comes into contact with (which also scales with her attack), and Swirl damage that scales with elemental mastery.

She is the ultimate master of Swirls and getting her to Ascension 4 will give you two passives to boost your team’s elemental reactions.

Sucrose Passive Talents

Unlock 2 more passive talents for Sucrose on her first and fourth ascension phase.

Catalyst Conversion
1st Ascension Passive
When Sucrose triggers a Swirl effect, all characters in the party with the matching element (excluding Sucrose) have their Elemental Mastery increased by 50 for 8s.
Mollis Favonius
4th Ascension Passive
When Astable Anemohypostasis Creation – 6308 or Forbidden Creation – Isomer 75 / Type II hits an opponent, increases all party members’ (excluding Sucrose) Elemental Mastery based on 20% of Sucrose’s Elemental Mastery for 8s.
Astable Invention
Utility Passive
When Sucrose crafts Character and Weapon Enhancement Materials, she has a 10% chance to obtain double the product.

Sucrose Constellations

New constellation’s passive abilities can be unlocked for Sucrose each time you obtain a character’s specific item called Stella Fortuna and these upgrades can permanently enhance Sucrose in various ways.

Clustered Vacuum Field
Constellation 1
Astable Anemohypostasis Creation – 6308 gains 1 additional charge.
Beth: Unbound Form
Constellation 2
The duration of Forbidden Creation – Isomer 75 / Type II is increased by 2s.
Flawless Alchemistress
Constellation 3
Increases the Level of Astable Anemohypostasis Creation – 6308 by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
Constellation 4
Every 7 Normal and Charged Attacks, Sucrose will reduce the CD of Astable Anemohypostasis Creation – 6308 by 1-7s.
Caution: Standard Flask
Constellation 5
Increases the Level of Forbidden Creation – Isomer 75 / Type II by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
Chaotic Entropy
Constellation 6
If Forbidden Creation – Isomer 75 / Type II triggers an Elemental Absorption, all party members gain a 20% Elemental DMG Bonus for the corresponding absorbed element during its duration.

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