Stormbearer Mountains Chest Locations

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These are the location of all chests that can be found in Stormbearer Mountains and some of these chests are well hidden and required some puzzles to unlock. Getting all the chest in this area counts towards Starfell Valley exploration progress.

Stormbearer Mountains Route A

Chest How To Get
1.Common Collect 4 carrots to spawn the hidden chest. View
2.Common Just below the fire braziers. View
3.Exquisite Light the 3 fire braziers to spawn. View
4.Common At the top of the tower. View
5.Common Behind some crates beside the rock base of the tower. View
6.Common Behind a rock. View
7.Common At the bottom of the cliff surrounded by brambles. View
8.Common In the little pool protected by a large Geo Slime. View
9.Exquisite Between two pine trees guarded by three water slimes. View
10.Exquisite At the bottom of the cliff face guarded by Hilichurls. View
11.Common In the little pool against the cliff. View
12.Exquisite Complete the time trial challenge by attacking 4 balloon slime. View
13.Exquisite Follow the Seelie to unlock a chest. View
14.Common Behind a large rock. View

Stormbearer Mountains Route B

Chest How To Get
1.Exquisite Clear the Hilichurls camp to unseal the chest. View
2.Common Behind the wooden barrels. View
3.Common Against the cliff underneath a pile of breakable rocks. View
4.Common Behind the Hilichurl tent. View
5.Exquisite Follow the Seelie to unlock a chest.
6.Common Located out in the open field between a large rock and some trees. Kill the Pyro Slimes to unlock the chest. View
7.Common Located near the river. View
8.Common Protected by some Hilichurls. View
9.Common Near some wooden crates protected by Hilichurls. View
10.Exquisite On the top point of the cliff protected by some Hilichurls. View
11.Common On a ledge half way down the cliff. View

Stormbearer Mountains Route C

Chest How To Get
1.Exquisite Complete the combat challenge by defeating all Ice Slimes within 60 seconds to spawn the chest. View
2.Common Clear the Hilichurl camp.
3.Common At the bottom of the small waterfall. View
4.Exquisite Guarded by hilichurls. View
5.Common Behind a stone that’s between two trees. View
6.Common At the edge of the cliff. View
7.Exquisite Drop down from the cliff edge and defeat the geo slimes. View
8.Luxurious At the bottom of the waterfall. View
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