Starsnatch Cliff Chest Locations

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These are the location of all chests that can be found in Starsnatch Cliff. Some of these chests are well hidden and required some puzzles to unlock. Getting all the chest in this area counts towards Starfell Valley exploration progress.

Route A

starsnatch cliff chest route a

Chest How To Get
1.Exquisite Follow the floating Seelie around the stone pillar. View
2.Common On a ledge halfway up the cliff. View
3.Common On a small ledge, right next to the Hilichurl camp. View
4.Exquisite Clear the small encampment of Hilichurls to unseal the chest. View
5.Exquisite Approach the three Dandelions and defeat the large Anemo Slime to spawn the chest. View
6.Exquisite Destroy the pile of rocks with the exploding barrel next to it to free this Seelie. View
7.Exquisite Time Trial Challenge: Open the Exquisite Chest within 60 seconds. View
8.Exquisite Spawns three Hilichurls when approached. Defeat them to unlock it. View
9.Exquisite Defeat the Blazing Axe Mitachurl to unseal the chest. View

Route B

starsnatch cliff chest route b

Chest How To Get
1.Exquisite Challenge: Blow up four Exploding Barrels within 20 seconds. View
2.Exquisite Light 4 torches to spawn chest. View
3.Common Behind a small tree beside the rocks. View
4.Common Defeat the Hilichurls. View
5.Exquisite Light campfire to spawn chest. View
6.Common Collect the Sunsettia on the pillar to spawn the chest. View
7.Common On the other side to the lamp grass, along the water on a small outcropping near the top of the waterfall. View
8.Common Along the cliff wall. View
9.Common Almost directly below the #5 chest, In a crevice at the base of the cliff. View
10.Common Ground level by the water, Defeat the Cryo Slime to spawn the chest. View
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