Staff of the Scarlet Sands Materials, Stats, & Passive

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Staff of the Scarlet Sands is a Polearm weapon introduced in Genshin Impact in the Version 3.1 update. On this page, you can learn more about its stats, passive effects, and ascension materials, as well as discover which character Staff of the Scarlet Sands is good for.

Staff of the Scarlet Sands
Type Rarity Series
Polearm ★★★★★ Deshret
Base ATK Substat Type Substat
44.34 CRIT Rate 9.6%

One of a paired set of scepters fashioned from obsidian. Legend has it that these staves grant the right to lead the people of the desert, but no retainer now lives who can verify the proper appearance of these regalia.

Staff of the Scarlet Sands Stats

Here are Staff of the Scarlet Sands’s ATK stats based on its level after ascension.

Level Base ATK CRIT Rate
20 141.27 16.96%
40 240.92 24.72%
50 306.66 28.6%
60 372.56 32.48%
70 438.91 36.35%
80 505.65 40.22%
90 541.83 44.1%

Staff of the Scarlet Sands Passive

Heat Haze at Horizon’s End
The equipping character gains 52% of their Elemental Mastery as bonus ATK. When an Elemental Skill hits opponents, the Dream of the Scarlet Sands effect will be gained for 10s: The equipping character will gain 28% of their Elemental Mastery as bonus ATK. Max 3 stacks.
Refine Lv. 1

Staff of the Scarlet Sands Ascension Materials

The Staff of the Scarlet Sands will need Fungus and Ruin Drakes Materials for ascension, whereas the Oasis Gardens are a reward obtained from completing the Tower of Abject Pride domain in Dharma Forest, Sumeru every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday.

Oasis Garden's Reminiscence
Oasis Garden’s Reminiscence
Oasis Garden's Kindness
Oasis Garden’s Kindness
Oasis Garden's Mourning
Oasis Garden’s Mourning
Oasis Garden's Truth
Oasis Garden’s Truth
Chaos Storage
Chaos Storage
Chaos Module
Chaos Module
Chaos Bolt
Chaos Bolt
Fungal Spores
Fungal Spores
Luminescent Pollen
Luminescent Pollen
Crystalline Cyst Dust
Crystalline Cyst Dust

Polearm Weapons

Staff of the Scarlet...5-Star44.34CRIT Rate + 9.6%
Calamity Queller5-Star49ATK + 3.6%
Vortex Vanquisher5-Star46ATK + 10.8%
Staff of Homa5-Star46CRIT DMG + 14.4%
Primordial Jade Wing...5-Star48CRIT Rate + 4.8%
Skyward Spine5-Star48Energy Recharge + 8%
Engulfing Lightning5-Star46Energy Recharge + 12%
Moonpiercer4-Star43.73Elemental Mastery + 24
Missive Windspear4-Star42.4ATK + 9%
Ballad of the Fjords4-Star42.4CRIT Rate + 6%
Wavebreaker’s Fin4-Star45ATK + 3%
Royal Spear4-Star44ATK + 6%
Lithic Spear4-Star44ATK + 6%
Blackcliff Pole4-Star42CRIT DMG + 12%
Deathmatch4-Star41CRIT Rate + 8%
Kitain Cross Spear4-Star44Elemental Mastery + 24
Dragon's Bane4-Star41Elemental Mastery + 48
Favonius Lance4-Star44Energy Recharge + 6.7%
"The Catch"4-Star42Energy Recharge + 10%
Prototype Starglitter4-Star42Energy Recharge + 10.0%
Crescent Pike4-Star44Physical DMG + 7.5%
Dragonspine Spear4-Star41Physical DMG + 15%
Halberd3-Star40ATK + 5.1%
White Tassel3-Star39CRIT Rate + 5.1%
Black Tassel3-Star38HP + 10.2%
Iron Point2-Star33N/A
Beginner's Protector1-Star23N/A
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