How To Beat Spiral Abyss Floor 11

by Admin

If you’re struggling to get 36 star but are stuck on floor 11 this is the guide for you. In this spiral abyss guide, we’re going to be going over team options and strategies to beat it even for free to play players.

The current Spiral Abyss for 2.7 is more about damage than specific team gimmicks. Right now the Abyss is all about damage output which means that your teams need to synergize to create the highest damage possible while also moving to the right places to group enemies.

Team Suggestion

Because you have Cryo enemies in the first half, you generally want a Pyro dps, and Xiangling is the most accessible. If you can, you should try to find a healer for the Rifthounds in chamber 3.

My preferred team for the second half is a freeze team, as you’ll want to disable the enemies here frequently beginning with chamber 1. Take your time here since this is about protecting the monolith’s health.

Anemo crowd controllers are extremely useful in this situation, so bring them if you have them and you’ll have a much easier time in the first chamber.

First Half
Second Half

Have enough units built or invested in because this cycle is more of a dps check than the previous cycle. Then you’ll want to have a team rotation to guide your battle flow. The tips I’ll provide here will primarily be strategy and positioning advice that any team can use.

Some units, such as Anemo crowd controllers against enemy mobs, may make it easier, but you can still make it work without them, albeit with potentially longer clear times.

If you see units on my team that you have 5 star equivalents for, use them as they may make your fights faster or easier.

You can always reset or return to a chamber to change your team or build units if necessary. Don’t become obsessed with clearing a specific chamber quickly if it’s extremely difficult.

Chamber 1 – 1st Half

To begin, three Hilichurls will spawn in front of you, with a Mitachurl spawning to your left. One thing to keep in mind is that the Mitachurl will only target you, whereas the Hilichurls will always target the monolith. Because Hilichurls are a threat to Monolith, it is best to deal with them first.

After defeating all Hilichurls, new Mitachurls will spawn one by one. As long as you attack them or stay in front of them, they will target you instead of the monolith. Make sure your back isn’t facing the monolith when they charge at you, or else the Mitachurl might end up too close to it.

The Stonehide Lawachurl will be the last to spawn, and it will target you if you attack it. It’s best to edge bait it with your back to the wall and kill it there so it doesn’t wander towards the monolith. As long as you’re not too close to the monolith, you should be fine.

Chamber 1 – 2nd Half

On the second half, Nobushi will spawn in front of you, while ranged potion throwing treasure hoarders will spawn behind you. Because their potions deal damage to the monolith over time, it is more important to kill or disable the Potioneer first.

The enemies here are very persistent in targeting the monoliths, so a freeze team will help stop them once they get too close. If you have the units, having characters who can stagger or crowd control the enemies can also be beneficial.

When you reach the Kairagi, simply deal with it away from the monoliths and charge your elemental bursts. You can completely charge up your bursts for the next floor as long as you’re not losing health.

Chamber 2 – 1st Half

This floor is actually easier than the previous one. You’ll begin with three Ice Shieldwall Mitachurl spawning, one of which has a dark circle beneath it. Try to kill the one with the dark circle first, because enemies with circles below them always indicate a debuff or extra damage.

After the Mitachurl are defeated, Frostarm Lawachurl and Cryo Abyss Mage will appear. You should be close to the Lawachurl at that point. The cryo mage will teleport towards you, and both of them will be side by side for easier targeting.

Chamber 2 – 2nd Half

In the second half the Fatui spawn in a group of four first. Two Cryo characters come in handy here by freezing the Hydro Fatui and weakening the Electro Fatui. As a result, unleashing all of your AoE attacks while the Fatui are clumped together will quickly kill them.

If you have a strong character like Venti, Kazuha, or Sucrose, you can group them up to take them all out at once. Because the Fatui enemies have low health, there isn’t much strategy involved aside from taking care of the healer if you have a well-built team.

Mirror Maiden spawns afterward, but with a freeze team, you can easily keep her in one place. However, she is quite tanky, so try to keep her frozen before she teleports elsewhere.

One thing to keep an eye out for with the Mirror Maiden is her imprisonments. If you are not in a healing field or have a shield, it can deal a lot of damage to you.

Chamber 3 – 1st Half

Starting with Rifthound, the small ones spawn first in chamber three. Run all the way to the arena’s edge until they’re all clumped together. This is when you can start performing your skills and bursts.

The remaining two big ones will spawn and you may either do the same and wait for them to teleport towards you at the edge, or rush towards one and wait for the other to approach naturally.

The most important thing is to fight them at the arena’s edge, where they’ll continue to charge into the wall. They won’t spread out too much in the open field this way.

Even though these are Geo Rifthound, there’s no need to bring a Geo character because any well-invested team can kill them quickly enough.

Chamber 3 – 2nd Half

When the Electro Lawachurl spawn in the second half, simply run backwards to let it come towards you. It can’t be frozen because its electro armor is up, but you can wear it down with elemental attacks. Cryo does the most damage to armor, so once that’s gone, it can be frozen. It may charge at you, so try to position yourself between the Lawachurl and the wall.

When the Bathysmal Vishap spawn, you can focus your attacks on just one of them because the other will approach you anyway. Because you can get staggered a lot here, you mostly want to dodge and iframe their attacks. Keep an eye out for the ice flower cage, which prevents you from moving.

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