Small Lamp Grass Location Map & Usage

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Small Lamp Grass is a Local Specialty from Mondstadt used for crafting and character ascension in Genshin Impact. Learn more about its locations and crafting usage on this page.


A wild grass that emits light at night. Used in cooking to enhance other flavors.

Where To Find

Small Lamp Grass can be found exclusively within the Mondstadt Region. It is recommended to find Small Lamp Grass within the Wolvendom and Whispering Woods regions. At night, (19.00, to be precise) Small Lamp Grass will emit a small light blue glow, which makes them easier to spot. It is also sold by an NPC named Flora in the city of Mondstadt.

Small Lamp Grass Farming Spot
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Name Type Amount
Once Upon a Time in Mondstadt Cooking 1
Pile ‘Em Up Cooking 1

Local Specialty List

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