Skyward Harp Materials, Stats, & Passive

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Skyward Harp is a bow-type weapon introduced in Genshin Impact in the Version 1.0 update. On this page, you can learn more about its stats, passive effects, and ascension materials, as well as discover which character Skyward Harp is good for.

Skyward Harp
Type Rarity Series
Bow ★★★★★ Mondstadt Series
Base ATK Substat Type Substat
48 CRIT Rate 4.8%

A greatbow that symbolizes Dvalin’s affiliation with the Anemo Archon. The sound of the bow firing is music to the Anemo Archon’s ears. It contains the power of the sky and wind within.

Skyward Harp Stats

Here are Skyward Harp’s ATK stats based on its level after ascension.

Level Base ATK CRIT Rate
20 164 8.5%
40 292 12.4%
50 373 14.3%
60 455 16.2%
70 537 18.2%
80 621 20.1%
90 674 22.1%

Skyward Harp Passive

Echoing Ballad
Increases CRIT DMG by 20%. Hits have a 60% chance to inflict a small AoE attack, dealing 125% Physical ATK DMG. Can only occur once every 4 seconds.
Refine Lv. 1

Skyward Harp Ascension Materials

The Skyward Harp will need Hilichurl Shooter and Abyss Mage Materials for ascension, whereas the Boreal Wolf Teeth are a reward obtained from completing the Cecilia Garden domain in Wolvendom, Mondstadt every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday.

Boreal Wolf's Milk Tooth
Boreal Wolf’s Milk Tooth
Boreal Wolf's Cracked Tooth
Boreal Wolf’s Cracked Tooth
Boreal Wolf's Broken Fang
Boreal Wolf’s Broken Fang
Boreal Wolf's Nostalgia
Boreal Wolf’s Nostalgia
Dead Ley Line Branch
Dead Ley Line Branch
Dead Ley Line Leaves
Dead Ley Line Leaves
Ley Line Sprout
Ley Line Sprout
Firm Arrowhead
Firm Arrowhead
Sharp Arrowhead
Sharp Arrowhead
Weathered Arrowhead
Weathered Arrowhead

Bow Weapons

Amos' Bow5-Star45.94ATK + 10.80%
Aqua Simulacra5-Star44.34Crit Dmg + 19.20%
Elegy for the End5-Star45.94Energy Recharge + 12%
Hunter’s Path5-Star44.34ATK + 19.2%
Polar Star5-Star45.94CRIT Rate + 7.20%
Skyward Harp5-Star47.54CRIT Rate + 4.80%
The First Great Magic5-Star45.94Crit Dmg + 14.4%
Thundering Pulse5-Star45.94CRIT DMG + 14.40%
Ibis Piercer4-Star43.73ATK + 6%
Range Gauge4-Star43.73ATK + 6%
End of the Line4-Star42.4Energy Recharge + 10%
King’s Squire4-Star41.07ATK + 12%
Scion of the Blazing Sun4-Star43.73CRIT Rate + 4%
Song of Stillness4-Star42.4ATK + 9%
Alley Hunter4-Star43.73ATK + 6%
Blackcliff Warbow4-Star43.73CRIT DMG + 8%
Compound Bow4-Star41.07Physical DMG + 15%
Fading Twilight4-Star43.73Energy Recharge + 6.70%
Favonius Warbow4-Star41.07Energy Recharge + 13.30%
Hamayumi4-Star41.07ATK + 12%
Mitternachts Waltz4-Star42.4Physical DMG + 11.30%
Mouun's Moon4-Star43.73ATK + 6%
Predator4-Star42.4ATK + 9%
Prototype Crescent4-Star42.4ATK + 9%
Royal Bow4-Star42.4ATK + 9%
Rust4-Star42.4ATK + 9%
Sacrificial Bow4-Star43.73Energy Recharge + 6.70%
The Stringless4-Star42.4Elemental Mastery + 36
The Viridescent Hunt4-Star42.4CRIT Rate + 6%
Windblume Ode4-Star42.4Elemental Mastery + 36
Ebony Bow3-Star38.74ATK + 6.30%
Messenger3-Star39.88CRIT DMG + 6.80%
Raven Bow3-Star39.88Elemental Mastery + 20
Recurve Bow3-Star37.61HP + 10.20%
Sharpshooter's Oath3-Star38.74CRIT DMG + 10.20%
Slingshot3-Star37.61CRIT Rate + 6.80%
Hunter's Bow1-Star23.25-
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I wish I also have skyward. I have so much bow characters and I only like have a amos bow for Ganyu and I tried it to Tighnari. I lost to Vortex so thats sad for me. I just waiting to have skyward harp.

i just use slingshot on him lmao, still get about 20k charged shot. pretty much better and more consistent than most 4 star bows and amos since he had no crit stat and neither does tighnar. but yes, sad not having a harp

my slingshot always outperform my amos. Lol

I got 2 Skyward from Noelle beginner 20% discount banner, well time to upgrade my Amber then.

Today, I did my first ever wish on weapon banner. And got Skyward Harp instead of Amos Bow. Can’t complaint though.

Is it good for venti ? In a xiao team ?

This is a difficult to answear with limited information about your account. But depending what other options you have this is a fine choice. Venti’s best overall weapon is elegy for the end, but f2p option such as stringless works fine if you use Venti as a elemental burst machine. But if you don’t have either of these, this works well.

i have an r1 stringless but i’m playing with an non reaction team (xiao-venti-benett-zhogli) so i dont think i need too much swirl damage

I got this at 18 pity on the standard banner and I love it! Is it good in terms of stats in general though?

I think it is. The only “proplem” one might have with this bow is that it’s not designed for any spesific character so it might not br the best weapon for them. But overall it’s a good weapon to use.

yeah, it’s my only 5 star bow though so I don’t mind

I managed to pull Faruzan and the Skyward Harp from the standard banner. Ugh, I was really hoping for a polearm for Xiao, but I ended up with these two instead. Sigh.

I feel you, man. I was really hoping to get a polearm for Xiao, but ended up with the bow instead. And the irony is, my friend got the polearm, but he doesn’t even have Xiao in his roster. Life can be quite unpredictable in Genshin Impact!

Just got the Skyward Harp from the standard banner, but the problem is I only have Sara and Amber as my bow-wielding characters. This feels like a bummer.

Don’t worry, it is considered one of the best weapons you can obtain off-banner in Genshin Impact. It performs exceptionally well on Sara.

The universe has bestowed upon you a divine message: it is time to embrace the true potential of DPS Amber.

Its good for yoimiya

Hey everyone, I have a question. I’m trying to decide between the Skyward Harp at refinement level 1 or the Hamayumi at refinement level 5 for my Ganyu. Which one would be a better choice?

Personally, I think the Skyward Harp would be the stronger option for Ganyu. Its high base ATK and CRIT Rate substat make it an excellent fit for her playstyle.

I have to agree. The Skyward Harp’s bonus CRIT DMG and the chance for a small AoE attack align well with Ganyu’s charged shot-focused gameplay. It can really amplify her damage output.

On the other hand, the Hamayumi at refinement level 5 provides a significant boost in ATK due to the increased refinement. It’s worth considering if you prioritize raw ATK stats for Ganyu.

Last edited 5 months ago by zgjannik9122

True, the Hamayumi’s increased ATK can be beneficial, especially if you’re looking for a more consistent damage output without relying heavily on critical hits. However, keep in mind that Ganyu’s kit is built around her Cryo abilities and charged shots, which synergize well with the Skyward Harp’s critical hit focus.

Overall, both weapons have their strengths, but I lean towards the Skyward Harp for Ganyu. Its critical hit potential and the additional effects from its passive make it a top-tier choice.

Agreed. If you’re aiming for those massive charged shot damage numbers and want to capitalize on Ganyu’s critical hits, the Skyward Harp is the way to go.

Thank you all for your input! I’ll go with the Skyward Harp for Ganyu and see how it elevates her performance. I appreciate the help!

I recently pulled my first 5-star weapon from the standard banner, and guess what? It turned out to be the Skyward Atlas… I mean, seriously? I don’t even have a character that can use catalysts! And to add insult to injury, when I tried for the Staff of Homa, I ended up with the Skyward Harp instead. Ugh, I have to say, I’m not a fan of the whole Skyward series. It’s just so frustrating!

I wish the Skyward Harp’s passive dealt elemental damage that corresponds to the character’s element rather than physical damage. It would be a more fitting and versatile option for characters relying heavily on their elemental abilities.

Ugh, another person showing off their fancy weapons. Guess I’ll just be stuck with my viridescent hunt .

The Skyward Harp is fantastic, but we can find other ways to excel in the game.

Hey, has anyone here tried the Skyward Harp? I just got it, and I’m excited to see how it performs!

you’re so lucky! The Skyward Harp is like getting all the Chaos Emeralds in one shot!

This was my 1st 5star… It was a great dissapointment not by his weakness, but because i didn’t take use of any bow user until months of playing. 2 days ago i got my 3rd 5star and is tartaglia. Time to this bow to shine!