Samachurls Locations And Farming Guide

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Samachurls in Genshin Impact drops important materials and highly sought after for scrolls which you will need to ascend characters and weapons. If you want to find more Samachurls location in Genshin Impact, then we got you covered.

Samachurls Materials Drop

Most of them are easy to take down and you can stop them from using their elemental attacks by getting close and use a melee attack. It has a higher chance of dropping scrolls which are used to ascend characters and weapons based on its level.

Materials Chance Samachurls Level
Divining Scroll High 1-39
Damaged Mask Low 1-39
Sealed Scroll High 40-59
Stained Mask Low 40-59
Forbidden Curse Scroll High 60+
Ominous Mask Low 60+

Where To Find Samachurls

Samachurls can be often seen in Watchtower guarding a small Hillichurls camp. Other known locations of these monsters are in Stormterror’s Lair, Guili Plains, and Dihua Marsh and these are the best places to farm Divining scrolls for your character ascensions.

To help you out, we already made this list of all Samachurls location and the best route to take them down in an efficient way. These are the exact strategies most mid to end game players use with great success.

Stormterror’s Lair

Guili Plains

Dihua Marsh

Qingyun Peak

Mt. Aozang – North East

Stormbearer Mountains

Mingyun Village

Cuijue Slope – South


So if you are struggling where to find Samachurls in Genshin Impact then this is everything you will need. It really doesn’t get any easier than that!

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Inazuma update?

have guide to the giant flowers?

im glad you made this map, these are the best spots to farm samachurls for me now

wow this is every samachurls location in genshin right? farmed a good amount of divining scroll using this map. thank you very much!