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Passive is not good lol. I would be happy if the passive has support potential like Viridescent Bow that pulls enemies. I hope there’s a Viridescent Sword.

The biggest advantage of this sword is that it allows you to not worry about having all that much crit chance on your artifacts, allowing an easier time farming, as well as alternate stats (energy recharge, Atk %, and HP%) in place of crit chance rolls.

Personally though, I’d rather use something like Aquila Favonia, or even the Black Sword in place of this…

Keep in mind, if you had 25,000 HP (high even for this sword’s bonus on basically all sword users who could take advantage of this thing), it’s still only giving you ~300 atk at refinement 1

i love the passive, because its not dependant on situational cases. you will get the passive bonus all the time. its good imo because tankier health means higher damage

Was about to use this for Kequing but the damage is too low vs to my Aquilla Favonia (highest base damage + that juicy 20% attk) the ONLY good thing about this sword is the crt rate but I was already able to overcome the lack of crt of my Kequing… right now she have 54% crt rate 221% crt damage 2513 attack and shes a monster

I’m assuming you’re lvl 90 using a 90 weapon, we’re also gonna disregard any flat atk on artifacts for this:

2513 means you have:
997 base atk
2202 + 311 (feather)
You have about +121% atk (20% from Aquila)

On this sword at 90 with 0 hp% artifacts you would have:
20 504hp
(323+542) * 101% + 311 + (0.012 * 20 504) = 2296atk

So essentially you would be trading 220 atk and the phys% dmg bonus for 44.1% crit rate. Good luck convincing anyone that’s a bad trade for Electro Keqing.

Just to add on what Irishman said, this mean that even you have lower “base atk”, you’ll have 98% crit rate which will guarantee that your final damage will be always multiplied by 2.21. Which is great for electro keqing build. If you have physical Keqing, then Aquila is already good for you.

I feel this might be a good weapon for Albedo, with that crit rate you can focus everything on crit damage and the low base atk doesn’t affect Albedo’s kit very much.

This one the best for xingqiu since its HP, and give attack for his burst with c6 xingqiu, the uptime for continuous burst is legit.

Lots of damage/healing but no energy recharge and I dont think this is a good sword for Xinqiu tho, unless u build him for healing purpose, then sure, maybe. But again, who tf use Xinqiu for healing tho?

At rank 5, with hypothetical hp of 35k (achievable since r5 gives 40% max hp, could event be higher) this weapon will give +840 flat attack.

For f2p, r1 with hypothetical hp of 25k, this would only give +300 flat attack, actually not that bad but the aquila favonia for physical dmg builds would definitely be better.

If the bonus is base atk stat instead of flat atk, then this would be the ultimate sword imo, but i doubt it that effect bonus would be base atk stat.

44% crit rate, that is insane

This will probably be the best weapon in the game, since HP is one of the most lenient scaling stats, especially if you are 5 star, you will average a base hp of 15k which is an easy +300 atk, and since atm the most scaling weapon is aquila with a starting atk of 20% passive on 674, you dont really need much to outscale it. Late bloomer weapons (weapons that have better % scaling stats than base stats) are insane when they have either crit rate or crit dmg, and until they start making elemental % damage weapons, this will probably be the best weapon for a while.