Portable Power Saw Materials, Stats, & Passive

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Portable Power Saw is a Claymore weapon introduced in Genshin Impact in the Version 4.1 update. On this page, you can learn more about its stats, passive effects, and ascension materials, as well as discover which character Portable Power Saw is good for.

Portable Power Saw
Type Rarity Series
Claymore ★★★★ TBA
Base ATK Substat Type Substat
41.07 HP 12%

An old-school power saw that you can rarely find nowadays. It was once a cutting tool trusted by workers all around.

Portable Power Saw Stats

Here are Portable Power Saw’s ATK stats based on its level after ascension.

Level Base ATK HP
20 125.16 21.2%
40 209.68 30.9%
50 264.24 35.75%
60 318.52 40.6%
70 372.65 45.43%
80 426.56 50.28%
90 454.36 55.13%

Portable Power Saw Passive

Sea Shanty
When the wielder is healed or heals others, they will gain a Stoic’s Symbol that lasts 30s, up to a maximum of 3 Symbols. When using their Elemental Skill or Burst, all Symbols will be consumed and the Roused effect will be granted for 10s. For each Symbol consumed, gain 40 Elemental Mastery, and 2s after the effect occurs, 2 Energy per Symbol consumed will be restored for said character. The Roused effect can be triggered once every 15s, and Symbols can be gained even when the character is not on the field.
Refine Lv. 1

Portable Power Saw Ascension Materials

The Portable Power Saw will need Clockwork Meka and Breacher Primuses Materials for ascension, whereas the Goblet of the Pristine Sea are a reward obtained from completing the Echoes of the Deep Tides domain in Court of Fontaine Region every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Broken Goblet of the Pristine Sea
Broken Goblet of the Pristine Sea
Wine Goblet of the Pristine Sea
Wine Goblet of the Pristine Sea
Silver Goblet of the Pristine Sea
Silver Goblet of the Pristine Sea
Golden Goblet of the Pristine Sea
Golden Goblet of the Pristine Sea
Rift Core
Rift Core
Foreign Synapse
Foreign Synapse
Alien Life Core
Alien Life Core
Meshing Gear
Meshing Gear
Mechanical Spur Gear
Mechanical Spur Gear
Artificed Dynamic Gear
Artificed Dynamic Gear

Claymore Weapons

Beacon of the Reed Sea5-Star46CRIT Rate + 7.2%
Redhorn Stonethresher5-Star44CRIT DMG + 19.2%
Skyward Pride5-Star48Energy Recharge + 8%
Song of Broken Pines5-Star49PHY DMG + 4.5%
The Unforged5-Star46ATK + 10.8%
Wolf's Gravestone5-Star46ATK + 10.8%
Tidal Shadow4-Star42.4ATK + 9%
Talking Stick4-Star43.73CRIT Rate + 4%
Forest Regalia4-Star43.73Energy Recharge + 6.67%
Portable Power Saw4-Star41.07HP + 12%
Makhaira Aquamarine4-Star42.4Elemental Mastery + 36
Mailed Flower4-Star43.73Elemental Mastery + 24
Akuoumaru4-Star42ATK + 9%
Blackcliff Slasher4-Star42CRIT DMG + 12%
Favonius Greatsword4-Star41Energy Recharge + 13.3%
Katsuragikiri Nagamasa4-Star42Energy Recharge + 10%
Lithic Blade4-Star42ATK + 9%
Luxurious Sea-Lord4-Star41ATK + 12%
Prototype Archaic4-Star44ATK + 6%
Rainslasher4-Star42Elemental Mastery + 36
Royal Greatsword4-Star44ATK + 6%
Sacrificial Greatsword4-Star44Energy Recharge + 6.7%
Serpent Spine4-Star42CRIT Rate + 6%
Snow-Tombed Starsilver4-Star44PHY DMG + 7.5%
The Bell4-Star42HP + 9%
Whiteblind4-Star42DEF + 11.3%
Bloodtainted Greatsword3-Star38Elemental Mastery + 41
Debate Club3-Star39ATK + 7.7%
Ferrous Shadow3-Star39HP + 7.7%
Quartz3-Star39Elemental Mastery + 16
Skyrider Greatsword3-Star39PHY DMG + 9.6%
White Iron Greatsword3-Star39DEF + 9.6%
Old Merc's Pal2-Star33N/A
Waster Greatsword1-Star23N/A
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