Pine Wood Location, Crafting Usage And Farming Route

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Pine Wood is a building material that can be collected by attacking Pine Trees. Learn more about Pine Wood locations, crafting usage, and related materials on this page.

Pine Wood – basic info
Item Type Category Rarity
Furnishing Material Material
In-Game Description
Timber obtained from pines. Its color and grain are nothing to write home about, but its unpretentious nature is elegant in its own right. The wood is very sturdy as well. In able hands, its products should be able to resist moth and rot alike.

Pine Wood Location

Pine Wood can be collected from attacking Pine trees. Instead of going to Dragonspine as the in-game hint says, go to Mondstadt. You can chop down these small little pine trees in the city.

pine tree

These are the locations of the most effective way to farm Pine Woods for furnishing. Instead of teleporting on multiple places, just choose one of these farm routes that will circle you around and you can just keep doing over and over again.

Pine Wood Farming Spot
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