Oasis Garden’s Kindness

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The Oasis Garden’s Kindness is a primary weapon ascension material in Genshin Impact. This page contains information on where to obtain Oasis Garden’s Kindness and what weapons it can be used for ascension.

Oasis Garden's Kindness
Oasis Garden's Kindness Oasis Garden’s Kindness
Item Type Weapon Ascension Materials
Rarity ★★★
Obtained From Tower of Abject Pride
Availability Tuesday, Friday, Sunday
Purchase From N/A
Other Source Alchemy, Parametric Transformer


In the literature buried deep beneath the yellow sands, the Lord of Flowers was the Mistress of Dreams. She bestowed dreams upon the exiled, the manic, and the foolish. In those dreams, they were presented with their dearest delights. Burdened by the brutality of reality, they were fascinated by the charm of the Lord of Flowers and captivated by her beauty and care.

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