Noelle Team Comp For DPS Build

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In this guide, we’ll be going over several Noelle team comp, resonances, and reactions that we can take advantage of. She may not have access to any of the multiplying reactions but makes up for being difficult to kill. This also allows for Noelle’s team comps to be vastly interchangeable. She isn’t locked into supports of a certain element allowing you to explore various team compositions.

noelle team comp guide

Best Elemental Resonances

If you’re looking for top-performing Noelle then look no further. Geo resonance does almost everything we want like the increase in shield strength and character’s damage. Whenever we deal damage to enemies, their Geo resistance will get a debuff. This is basically a double-up in damage buff for our Geo characters. Pyro resonance is also a contender but not nearly as powerful. It is better than every other resonance there is and having a 25% attack boost can be beneficial.

Primary Reactions

Technically we have Crystallize which will help keep our Geo resonance active. Noelle’s shield will out prevent this a couple of times over but we don’t really have to proc this reaction. It will happen naturally over the course of battle. Just make sure to leave a couple out there on the field in case Noelle’s skill is still inactive so that you can reactivate the Geo resonance at a moment’s notice.

Noelle Team Comp #1

Zhongli and Albedo are a combo that I have written a lot on our team building guide. That’s because they simply work and Zhongli’s shield is the most powerful in the game. But, do you actually need it since Noelle provides a shield too?. I suppose it depends on your situation.

Noelle, Zhongli, Albedo, and Any Character
noelle team comp
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In cases like Spiral Abyss floor 12, your shields can be easily broken. It might be pretty helpful to have a backup or arguably a new main shield. Not only is Zhongli’s shield is stronger but also provides additional physical and Geo resistance on top of Geo resonance. He also provides passive Geo energy generation for Noelle to build up her burst quickly in tandem with Albedo’s off-field energy generation. With all this Geo energy swirling about, this team can also act as a quick swap team having access to all your character’s elemental burst as soon as they come off a cooldown.

Albedo is one of the best off-field supports in the game providing copious amounts of Geo damage over a 30 second period. You don’t have to worry about using his best weapon since Noelle will continuously keep our team’s HP above 90%. Our last slot can honestly be anyone, you can choose whichever support you prefer on this slot.

Noelle Team Comp #2

This team is a bit better if you don’t have either Zhongli or Albedo because you’ll be relying on your Geo support as an on-field battery needing to be switched into and then back to Noelle to collect the particles. It’s a bit easier to manage if you only have one Geo character that you need to do this with as opposed to two.

Noelle, Ningguang, Fischl, and Xiangling
noelle team comp 2
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Out of two Geo characters remaining at Ningguang or the Geo main character, the choice is up to your preference. Technically the Geo main character is a better battery that is able to generate three particles every 8 seconds as opposed to Ningguang’s 3 particles every 12 seconds. But Ningguang does more damage with her burst and can increase Noelle’s damage with her 4th ascension passive, increasing Noelle’s Geo damage when she passes through Ningguang’s shield.

The real essence of this team is Fischl and not for her damage but for her energy generation. Oz will continuously generate energy on his own and we know this to be the case but there’s also a fairly recently discovered mechanic where if Oz triggers a Superconduct or Overloaded reaction, he’ll generate additional energy per enemy hit. It can incite huge instances of energy generation since both of these reactions hit in an area of effect.

Kaeya and Xiangling have the proficiency of off-field damage and I suppose can add to the whole spin to win mentality if you like using Noelle’s charge attacks. With this interaction, you should be able to run the table and keep your bursts up a majority of the time even relieving the need for energy recharge artifacts or weapons on your support characters.

Noelle Team Comp #3

In this team comp, we are going to utilize the reaction “Shattered” since Noelle is a claymore user and a geo element that can easily trigger the shattered reaction which provides a good boost to your crit rate. A shattered reaction occurs by one of these elemental combinations:

– Hydro + Cryo + Geo
– Hydro + Cryo + Claymore
– Frozen + Heavy DMG

Noelle, Chongyun, Diona, and Xingqiu
freeze team comp
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Some players don’t realize that shattered damage is produced in that way because there is no word “Shattered” and the number color is white. Shattered dmg is based on character level and elemental mastery. To be honest, the damage numbers from this reaction are quite high but the exact formula is still not clear yet. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it won’t.

Noelle Team Comp #4

This team can be used once you get Noelle to Constellation 5 and 6 but it’s aimed more at those that have yet to receive those advancements. Since without those constellations we won’t be receiving as much of an attack bonus from her defense and it’s more beneficial to invest in her attack. Likewise, we can look to gain an extra bit of boost from the Pyro resonance.

Noelle, Albedo, Bennett, and Xiangling
pyro resonance team
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As a Geo team member, you can of course choose whoever you like. The 5-star characters being the stronger options naturally but we only need a Geo battery so any of the Geo characters will suffice.

As a standard for building a Pyro resonance team, Bennett should be an auto-include here. The high rate of energy generation and massive increase on the attack he can provide for your team is the best attack buff in the game. His healing isn’t even remotely necessary and between all of our shields and Noelle acting as a carry and a healer, build your Bennett here for straight damage similar to how you would for burst support or carry on his own.

Xiangling is the better option for the second Pyro slot. Her Gouba is able to consistently do damage over time and generate energy with Xiangling off the field. So, you don’t have to worry about any quick swap shenanigans. It will also drop a chili pepper which can increase Noelle’s damage. Her burst is pretty strong that stays active when switching to Noelle which can lead to some intense burst damage.

Noelle Team Comp #5

This core of Xingqiu, Fischl, and Beidou is one of my go-to’s with any DPS character. All of these characters are very capable of generating a lot of energy and produce a lot of supporting damage.

Noelle, Xingqiu, Fischl, and Beidou
go-to teams
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While it may not be Geo energy, you shouldn’t really have a problem keeping Noelle nice and full. Be willing to experiment and try new things or just throw your roaster scraps on this team. Noelle is not a character that needs fancy elemental reactions to get the most out of her potential. She’s not going to be a triple S tier carry by any stretch of the imagination but she dishes out solid damage and is extremely difficult to kill that works with most of the characters out there.

Noelle Team Comp #6

This is a heavy team regen setup centered around getting the entire team’s burst upon cooldown. Chongyun at Constellation 2 provides cooldown reduction to increase overall DPS. Equipping Favonious weapons on Noelle and Zhongli provides most of the energy regen. If you’re still having problems with energy regen I recommend using a full set of Noblesse Oblige on Zhongli and a full set of Exile artifacts on Chongyun.

Noelle, Zhongli, Xiangling, and Chongyun
noelle team comp 6
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The rotation is simple, stay on Noelle for hits and swap to the rest of the team for their skills. Always prioritize the use of Chongyun’s elemental skill when it is available other than that use everything else on cooldown.

Wrapping It Up!

The amount of value that Noelle can provide is huge. Unlike other characters, no one can currently heal, damage, and even create shields at the same time. Making her one of the easiest characters to invest into. I hope that you find this guide useful and helped you in deciding which characters to move forward and build.

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