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My Noelle is currently on C4 and i’m planning to build her as a sub dps later for my c6 Ningguang for a 2 pyro 2 geo line up (only have c3 xiang and c3 bennett for pyro buff). What weapon should i use if i want to build her as a sub dps?

I’ll go with Whiteblind! Def is an important stat for Noelle. She is currently my main dps (and tank and healer), and she is doing great with that. That + gladiator set, 4 pcs.

Does she has energy recharge problem? I wish to be able to spam her skill.

Pair her with Ning or traveller and If u still can’t spam it. Put energy recharge main stat on your sand artifact.

Using Skyward Pride is better. I’ve tried both weapons and Skyward is better since you will need energy recharge for her ultimate and the def stats from artifacts should be good enough.

Better go pride. It gives you what you need to cycle your burst(Energy Recharge) if the enemies are tanky(most enemies in spiral abyss floor 11-12). Also, the high base atk is definitely good and its still scale with your burst. Go Def % on your Time piece. Skyward is also a better investment since all of the Claymore user can use this.

My noelle is c6 and I have Whiteblind and Skyward. I choose Whiteblind R3 over Skyward R1. Whiteblind is making Noelle be able to deal high GEO dmg with retracing bolide and Geo resonance and It is better because it’s easier to obtain. F2P are likely to get Whiteblind refinement than skyward refinement.

Whiteblind: Noelle is tanky and pure geo DMG dps.
Skyward: Noelle is a bursting hybrid with those vacuum blades.

You will get her to C6 later. The thing is which play styles do u prefer?