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I used her forever but doesnt work with my current team strategy now. Still a fantastic character though, I tend to throw her back into the team for the wolf and dvalin.

Best artifact set I’ve found for her is 4pc bolide. That added power when you’re shielded is insane. Pop a Bennett ult down and you’ll be 20k+ every time.

Nigguang is a walking nuke. Can’t change my mind.

Is she worth leveling up?

Ningguang is by far the strongest 4 Stars Characters yet, because of her insanely high burst damage, if you solo one single enemy, she can literally destroy them without having a chance to fight back because of her stun.

is c0 ningguang worth?

Yeah, she’s my main DPS, I have other 5 stars but I chose her instead, the downside is she’s a bit expensive to build. Because of Keqing’s banner, I can finally have her constellation to C3. Her C1, C2 and C6 was insane but if you can just get C1, that would be enough because it’ll turned all her attack in AOE damage.

People say that she’s really good DPS but the choice of upgrading her is yours.