New 1.5 Update Features

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A lot of new and exciting things have been announced during the Livestream for Genshin Impact and these are the top 5 new features coming with the 1.5 updates.

Housing System

One of the most important and game-changing mechanics will be the newly introduced Housing system where you’ll get your very own teapot realm that you can travel into and set up your new home.

There are going to be various materials required in order to craft things like furniture, structures, and even companions. One of them looks to be like wood which hasn’t been revealed on how we’re going to obtain it. Judging from the way this crafting is structured, there’s also going to be some sort of Trust system with the new teapot friend companion you’ll have.

The main currency to purchase furniture or other things inside your housing system will be the coins that you can earn in a very similar way to the Resin system. But what’s better about this than Resin is that you can increase the amount or frequency of coins you earn depending on how much furniture you place in your home.

So, it seems to be that we’re finally going to have our very own home to build around and it’s going to be a very exciting period for those who enjoy not only building their own settlement but also looking for inspiration at other player’s houses. This is one of the biggest things that will define the 1.5 updates even if there are more new insane things coming our way.

New Events

Just when you thought miHoYo already had us with their exciting Peculiar Wonderland event, there are plenty more limited-time game modes coming our way. Some of them are going to completely change the way we look at Genshin.

Energy Amplifier Initiation

The most major event of this update is going to be something called an Energy Amplifier storyline where you will be presented with a series of mini-dungeons and special sites in the world that require you to power up these things called Fractured Fruit Fragments.

While this isn’t something we haven’t seen already, the real surprise here is going to be special stages. The whole purpose of the event is to use the Fruit Fragments you’ve collected and put them into a special slot system. It will power up your whole team, much like you would see something in other Gacha games that use a rune system.

However, it seems these powers will only persist in the challenge stages you will be taking on. That’s because they have been designed in a very similar way compared to the Hypostatic Symphony event we had seen in the 1.2 updates. But this time around, you’ll get to collect these power-ups from the mentioned dungeons and then use them to your advantage to have an easier time beating those special stages.


Now on the more casual side of things, there’s going to be an event that will feature two factions fighting against each other in a playful party mode where one side is the raccoons and the other one will be hunters.

Without spoiling too much, there are going to be various stages and abilities you will need to use in order to bring victory for your team. You could say this is going to be our very first Player vs Player event in Genshin Impact.

Battlefront: Misty Dungeon

If you were ever in the need to explore a dungeon after doing so many domains and Abyss stages, this next event features a series of instances where you will be provided with trial characters by the game and each dungeon is going to have its own objectives and rules. For example, in one instance you’ll generate extra points by doing plunge attacks while in another it could be healing that gets rewarded.

Mimi Tomo

The last of the major events we saw on the Livestream is going to be a limited quest to locate and fight a mysterious Hilichurl with the help of Ella Musk and surprisingly, other Hilichurls as well. It’s not clear yet why these cute tribes people want one of their kind defeated but we’ll find out soon enough.

Overflowing Mastery

Finally, there are going to be a couple of opportunities to save up on Resin by getting double the amount of talent books in the Overflowing Mastery event. This looks to be like the one we already had with Leylines. Each day up to 3 times you will be able to double up on your rewards by only spending 20 resin.

In total, we’re getting a lot of events that will have many new mechanics for us to play with and explore. These are only the things that will be coming and going in the game but this next part covers everything that’s here to stay for good.

New Bosses

With the new 1.5 updates, we’re finally going to be revisiting Dragonspine or at least a small part of it thanks to the new world boss that’s getting introduced into the game.

Cryo Hypostasis

Even though there’s not much originality in it since it’s just your good old regular giant cube of death but at least from the previews we’ve seen the fight is looking to be pretty intense. There’s also going to be the freezing cold and we’ll need to stand near a source of warmth to keep ourselves alive. While the rewards haven’t been fully disclosed, they will most likely contain ascension materials required by new and upcoming cryo characters in the game.

Azhdaha (Dahaka)

The big reveals don’t stop there because an ancient and massive Geovishap will be challenging your team in the nearest future. It looks terrifying and makes you wonder just how much more important will shields be or will we have different opportunities to stop the incoming attacks. It seems to be that this might just a new weekly boss which means we’ll need to collect a lot more different talent ascension materials for future characters.

Abyss Lector

For those who are looking to mix up their Spiral Abyss experience, there’s going to be a unique Abyss Herald introduced for this very specific mode. The difference about this enemy is it’s named Abyss Lector and it’s also of an Electro type element. So far he seems like a very menacing opponent we will get to fight against.

New Domain

There’s also going to be a new domain added and it will come with 2 new artifact sets one which is going to be very exciting for physical damage dealers. While the other one seems to be focused on improving characters like Zhongli or Diona who scale off their health and also empower their teams with skills.

New Characters

The long-awaited new characters have been finally revealed and this time around, we’re getting new 5-star and 4-star additions into the game. The first one we’re taking a look at is Eula who is a Cryo claymore fighter that specializes in slash attacks from her elemental skill and can also summon an awesome greatsword that follows her around and explodes after a while.

Now the other one is going to be Yan Fei who is a 4-star Pyro Catalyst that likes to set groups of enemies ablaze. While we have a lot of pyro characters already in the game, especially now that she’s a 2nd pyro catalyst next to Klee, at least she is going to be an affordable option for most of the player base due to her rarity. She seems like an exciting character to use when you need a damage dealer against bigger groups of enemies.

Zhongli Banner Rerun

When it comes to our favorite thing – the banners themselves, we’re going to have two of them and many players will be excited to hear that Zhongli is going to be making a return that will also feature Yan Fei on his banner. Obviously, it’s going to be Eula’s own banner. The order in which they appear still hasn’t been confirmed fully nor do we know which other 4-stars will be featured along with them. Still, those who want to obtain one of the best shielders in the game now have an opportunity to do so in 1.5 updates.

Quality Of Life

Unlike the previous updates, there’s not a lot of Quality of Life changes coming into the game but that doesn’t mean this next improvement isn’t going to be impactful. We’re going to be getting reduced costs for the resins that you need to spend in order to complete the weekly bosses, which you’ll be able to do up to 3 times every single week. Also, if you’re one of the people who constantly miss out on completing their events, miHoYo is implementing a new in-game mail reminder system that will let you know when things are about to end so that you have enough time to complete all the leftover tasks.

For those who trouble to maintain their storage size, you will now be able to delete and download language packs which means you can get rid of the ones you’re not using currently and save up on your storage space.

And most surprisingly, we’re also going to be getting a boost in certain rewards if you continue playing co-op together although it’s not clear if everything gets doubled or only the friendship score.

Wrapping It Up!

All of this is awesome but at the end of the Livestream, we surprisingly got hit with the news about Inazuma and had the chance to see some of the concept art and screenshots from the game. It seems to be this is only a sneak peek preview and the new zone won’t be coming with 1.5 which is already chock-full of content but at least we know that our destination towards the lighting land is coming closer than ever.

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