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Neuvillette is a 5-star Hydro Catalyst user who was released in Version 4.1 of Genshin Impact. He is a Charged Attack-focused DPS character who scales with HP. This guide will cover Neuvillette’s best artifact and weapons, team synergies, and gameplay tips.

Neuvillette Build Ratings
Dps Sub Dps Support
Rating: 4.84/5. From 140 votes.
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Rating: 4.30/5. From 101 votes.
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Rating: 4.30/5. From 101 votes.
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Neuvillette Build

The best Neuvillette build is a Hydro DPS if you want to deal high damage with his Charged Attacks. It is also a relatively versatile build, as it can be used in a variety of team compositions.

Hydro DPS Build

Best Weapon Rite of the Eternal Flow
Sub Weapons Sacrificial Jade
Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds
Jadefall’s Splendor
Prototype Amber
Best Artifact Marechaussee Hunter x4
Main Stats
Sands HP%
Goblet Hydro Dmg%
Circlet Crit Rate / Crit DMG
Sub Stats Energy Recharge / HP% / CRIT Rate / CRIT DMG

Neuvillette Best Weapons

When it comes to selecting weapons that perform exceptionally well for Neuvillette, we have numerous options at our disposal. We can choose weapons with critical rate stats, critical damage stats, HP stats, or energy recharge. Critical stats are the preferred choice, as they have the most significant impact on his damage output.

Weapons Details
1st Rite of the Eternal Flow It reduces the burst cost by a decent amount, provides him with more HP to scale from, grants a significant charged attack damage bonus, and grants him a lot of critical damage. All of these buffs significantly contribute to his damage output.
2nd Sacrificial Jade This weapon offers a high critical rate and a substantial amount of HP.
3rd Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds This will give you a substantial increase in crit rate, allowing you to channel all your resources into his crit damage if you have already equipped him with a Hunter set of artifacts.
4th Jadefall’s Splendor Provides HP% substat, energy recharge and elemental dmg bonus from its passive.
5th Prototype Amber Significantly reduces Neuvillette’s burst requirement while also granting him a substantial amount of HP to scale off of. This energy-generating passive effect also helps him build up his burst with ease.

Neuvillette Best Artifacts

The Marechaussee Hunter set allows him to deal 10% more damage than other available artifact sets.

Artifacts Details
1st Marechaussee Hunter The 2-piece set increases his normal and charged attack damage by 15%. With the 4-piece set, it boosts his critical rate to a maximum of 36%. It’s very easy for him to achieve this number because his HP consistently increases and decreases.
2nd Heart Of Depth Provides 15% Hydro damage bonus and 30% charge attack damage fpr 15 seconds.
3rd Wanderer’s Troupe Provides a 35% bonus to Charged Attack damage and 80 Elemental Mastery bonus.
Artifacts Stats Priority
Main Stats Sub Stats
HP CRIT Rate/DMG – HP% – Energy Recharge
ATK CRIT Rate/DMG – HP% – Energy Recharge
HP% CRIT Rate/DMG – Energy Recharge – Elemental Mastery
Hydro DMG CRIT Rate/DMG – HP% – Energy Recharge
CRIT DMG CRIT Rate/DMG – HP% – Energy Recharge

Neuvillette Talent Priority

When deciding Neuvillette’s talent priorities, consider his role. For Main DPS, prioritize Normal and Charged Attacks, then Elemental Burst. For Sub-DPS or Support, focus on Elemental Skill and Burst.

Talent Details
1st Charge Attack The majority of his damage output comes from his charge attacks, so leveling this first is mandatory.
2nd Burst Due to its high Energy cost, it may be used less frequently than his Elemental Skill and Charged Attacks.
3rd Skill It deals about 2% of his total damage output. You can skip this if you want; otherwise, level up at the end.

The best way to decide which talents to prioritize for Neuvillette is to experiment and see what works best for you. There is no right or wrong answer, and the best talent priority will vary depending on your team composition and playstyle.

Neuvillette Best Constellation

Constellation Details
C1 Venerable Institution It reduces the required reactions from three to two, automatically providing a charge. It also boosts charge attack damage based on Elemental reactions, and improves interruption resistance, eliminating the need for a shielder. This enhances team flexibility and addresses issues present at C0.
C2 The Law Commands Neuvillette can gain up to 42% Critical Damage bonus to his Charged Attack at Constellation 2. This is a significant increase in damage, and it can make Neuvillette a very powerful Main DPS character.
C4 Crowned in Compassion It allows him to deal more damage with his Charged Attack. It is especially useful for teams that rely on Neuvillette to be the main source of damage.
C6 Wrathful Recompense A very powerful constellation that significantly increases his damage output. It is especially useful for players who are using him as a Main DPS.

Neuvillette Best Teams

Not all of these Neuvillette team compositions use three different elements; some trade charge attack damage for more reactions and increased damage on sub-DPS units. With C1, these teams will perform even better.

Neuvillette Beidou Kazuha Kuki

Beidou will output Electro damage on her charge attacks while also increasing resistance to Interruption, which is much needed. Kazuha will swirl both Hydro and Electro elements to further increase damage and group enemies, providing more opportunities for reactions and assisting with Neuvillette’s charged beam. Kuki will keep the team topped off by funneling energy into other team members and assisting with Electro application at the same time.

Frozen Chain Lightning
Neuvillette Beidou Fischl Layla

This is a team focused on Electro damage with Beidou and Fischl, delivering a significant amount of additional damage. Layla is present not only to shield your team and prevent interruptions but also to freeze targets and assist Neuvillette’s Ascension passive. It’s worth noting that this team only has two characters, so keep that in mind. However, Fischl will provide a substantial amount of off-field damage, compensating for the limited character count. If desired, Layla can be replaced with other shielders.

Primordial Archons
Neuvillette Raiden Shogun Venti Layla

This team focuses on Raiden and Neuvillette quickly swapping between each other’s rotations, while Venti groups enemies to assist Neuvillette in easily AOE-ing them down with his charge attack. Zhongli will provide crystallization for an additional reaction and shield for the team. Also, please note that Venti can be swapped out for Nahida to create a Primordial Archon Hyperbloom team, but you will need to build Raiden with full Elemental Mastery in that case.

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Should I invest in BP for Sacrificial Jade, considering I already got two Lost Sacred? However, if I truly desire Neuvillete, is it worth it?

yes, it’s a pretty sizeable increase to his damage! around 10-15% from other weapons.

I can’t recall the last time I felt this thrilled about a character release. I’m eagerly looking forward to their debut, and I’ve diligently saved up over 30,000 Primogems for our upcoming Hydro dragon adventure!

The character’s lore is truly captivating, and I’m eager to pull for him. However, when considering his elemental attributes and team compatibility, it seems that he doesn’t introduce a unique hydro dynamic to the game. In terms of hydro abilities and damage potential, Yelan still appears to outshine him. To be honest, I’m most excited about the upcoming Hydro Archon.

I’m feeling a bit torn between two options: going for C0 Neuvillette with R1 Rite of Eternal Flow or aiming for C1 Neuvillette with R4 Prototype Amber. Currently, I have R2 Prototype Amber, but I also have 2 catalyst billets that I can utilize. The challenge lies in the fact that I rely on R2 Prototype Amber for Kokomi, and finding an alternative for her won’t be easy.

Here’s where I stand in terms of wishes: I have 68 Wishes and I’m at 28 on the pity count. I’m guaranteed to get a 5-star character soon. Additionally, I have 47 days remaining on my Welkin Blessing, which means I’ll likely accumulate around 100 total wishes or even more by the time Neuvillette’s banner arrives (rumored to be in phase 2).

The catch is that I can’t guarantee Neuvillette’s signature weapon after obtaining Neuvillette himself. I’m aware that the weapon banner odds are 25% for the weapon I want and 75% for other options, but this particular weapon is not only powerful but also aesthetically appealing. Plus, the other weapon choices pale in comparison in terms of damage output.

I’m in a bit of a dilemma here and could use some advice.

I would recommend waiting for official information from Furina leaks before making any decisions. If Furina is indeed Neuviellette’s top support, as many suspect, then his C1 ability could potentially become significantly more powerful.

I’ve already gathered books and artifacts to prepare for him. With my current setup, he’ll boast an impressive 88.6% critical rate and a whopping 233.7% critical damage. I’m eagerly anticipating a successful summon on my first attempt.

Does he continue to enhance normal attacks when he’s not in active combat? I was eager to pair him with Alhaitham.

I’m sorry, but those buffs are specifically designed for him. Neu primarily operates as an on-field DPS character, lacking off-field support capabilities. However, it’s possible that his skills, particularly his water drop skill (E and Q), could potentially provide some assistance to other characters.

Would Marechausse work better for him compared to Nymph’s Dream?

Yes, based on the information provided in the leak kit, it seems that Nymph’s ATK% doesn’t synergize well with Neuvillette. Neuvillette functions as an on-field DPS character with a special Charged Attack HP% scaling, so the ATK% bonus from Nymph’s kit may not be as valuable for him.

I currently don’t have any primogems, and I’m eagerly looking forward to the 4.1 anniversary rewards and events. Nevertheless, I’m determined to bring him home!

I think his C1 ability serves as a strategic setup for his potential partnership with Furina, which could prove to be an excellent synergy. By acquiring his C1, you can avoid damage loss when losing a stack, allowing you to replace the shielder with Furina. This switch would grant you access to Hydro Resonance, Hydro energy regeneration, and other benefits that Furina is rumored to offer, such as HP% buffs and consistent off-field DPS, as hinted at by weapon leak information.

I’ve been farming the new Artifact Set 4.0 domain since the day of the Fontaine release, and I’m still at it. Surprisingly, I haven’t come across a single Critical Rate circlet for either set. It’s quite frustrating, to be honest. It feels like the drop rate for Critical Rate circlets has been set unfairly low by the developers. Sometimes, it can be really disheartening to keep going in such circumstances.

I have a promising set of HP artifacts that could potentially work well for him. While I can’t guarantee it, I’m hopeful that I’ll obtain him. I’m currently saving my primogems for the guaranteed 20 pulls during the anniversary event, and with some luck, I might accumulate around 1600 primogems before version 4.1 arrives. Additionally, events usually offer 1-2k primogems, so if things go well, I might have around 50 pulls in total. I’m currently at 6 pity, and I’m really hoping that I’ll get him soon!

What role will Mona play on Neuvilette’s team, and what type of build should I consider for her?

I believe that a team featuring Petra and Zhongli could potentially be one of the strongest choices upon release, particularly when aiming to maximize Zhongli’s damage output. This assessment holds true even at Constellation 0

Petra’s performance can be a bit inconsistent, especially when you factor in the early use of his shield in the rotation. However, it’s worth considering it as a valuable addition to your setup rather than a necessity.

helloo! so im guaranteed but im stuck between hu tao and neuvillette.. WHO DO I GET?

Id personally say hu tao but I haven’t seen anything about neuvillette yet so…

100% with you on this one

Do a pull on one banner and then a pull on the other and let fate decide lol

Do u have a good hydro dps? If no, then Neuvillette

Do you need a great pyro dps? Hu tao but remember her actual full power with XQ, Yelan and Zhongli

I’d say wait till Neuvillette drops and see the actual numbers he can make

When I’m stuck with this kind of choice, I always go for the old character – because you’ll never know when they will rerun again. The new characters will ALWAYS get a rerun just a few months later after their first release. Expect that new characters will immediately get a rerun.

Try both demos and see which playstyle you like. Everyone prefers different playstyles, some people regret pulling Hu Tao while others love her playstyle, I personally don’t enjoy her much and catalysts ain’t my type either, I’ll pull for Homa instead. Go for what you like, not what is meta

hu tao has been proven and tested since her release. neuvillette..he’s a new one. why don’t you wait for other players to test him out, or you test him out if it fits your playstyle so you can decide. i mean you could go whoever you like best

I have the same issue. I dont have any on-field hydro dps and i have pyro on-field dps but still I have Hu Taos sign wpn and wanna pull her for that reason

As a Hu Tao main since 1.2:

Hu tao is not at her peak gameplay if you don’t have her C1, she needs a good shielder especially zhongli, i can assure that she’s one of the best dealer at her best team (been always using her in abyss) she can obliterate boss on her whole skill duration if invested well. The main problem of her is her hp management (if you’re okay with a red hp bar), nonetheless if you don’t have a problem from above then go ahead and pull her! Otherwise go for neuvillette