Nahida Ascension Materials, Talents & Stats

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Here are the complete lists of Nahida’s ascension materials and talent materials in Genshin Impact. Learn more about Nahida’s talent scaling stats, base stats, constellations, and community ratings on this page.

Nahida Nahida
Title Physic of Purity
Rarity ★★★★★
Vision Dendro
Weapon Catalyst
Region Sumeru
Special Dish Halvamazd
Released November 02, 2022
Overall Ratings 4.87

Nahida Base Stats

Nahida’s ascension stat is elemental mastery, which increases with each ascension phase.

Attributes Before Ascension After Ascension
HP 807
ATK 24
DEF 49
Attributes Before Ascension After Ascension
HP 2092 2784
ATK 61 81
DEF 127 169
Attributes Before Ascension After Ascension
HP 4165 4656
ATK 120 135
DEF 253 283
Attributes Before Ascension After Ascension
HP 5357 6012
ATK 155 174
DEF 326 366
Attributes Before Ascension After Ascension
HP 6721 7212
ATK 194 208
DEF 409 439
Attributes Before Ascension After Ascension
HP 7926 8418
ATK 229 243
DEF 482 512
Attributes Before Ascension After Ascension
HP 9140 9632
ATK 264 278
DEF 556 586
Attributes Max Stats
HP 10360
ATK 299
DEF 630

Nahida Ascension Materials

Below are the lists of all Nahida materials needed for each ascension level. The elemental gems can be obtained as a reward from defeating normal bosses such as Dendro Hypostasis, Jadeplume Terrorshroom. As for Kalpalata Lotus, it can be found in the mountains of Sumeru or Sold by Aramani.

Ascension Materials Quantity
Nagadus Emerald SliverNagadus Emerald Sliver 1
Fungal SporeFungal Spore 3
Kalpalata LotusKalpalata Lotus 3
Ascension Materials Quantity
Nagadus Emerald FragmentNagadus Emerald Fragment 3
Fungal SporeFungal Spore 15
Kalpalata LotusKalpalata Lotus 10
Quelled CreeperQuelled Creeper 2

Nahida Talent Materials

These are the lists of total talent level up materials for Nahida. The Ingenuity books are available every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday in the Steeple of Ignorance domain located near Chatrakam Cave in Sumeru.

Talent Materials Quantity
Teachings of IngenuityTeachings of Ingenuity 9
Guide to IngenuityGuide to Ingenuity 63
Philosophies of IngenuityPhilosophies of Ingenuity 114
Fungal SporeFungal Spore 18
Luminescent PollenLuminescent Pollen 66
Crystalline Cyst DustCrystalline Cyst Dust 93
Puppet StringsPuppet Strings 18
Crown of InsightCrown of Insight 3

Nahida Talents

Akara | Attack
Normal Performs up to 4 attacks that deal Dendro DMG to opponents in front of her.
Charge Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to deal AoE Dendro DMG to opponents in front of her after a short casting time.
Plunge Calling upon the might of Dendro, Nahida plunges towards the ground from mid-air, damaging all opponents in her path. Deals AoE Dendro DMG upon impact with the ground.

Akara Preview
Attributes Level 1 Level 10
1-Hit DMG 40.3% 72.6%
2-Hit DMG 37.0% AAA%
3-Hit DMG 45.9% 66.6%
4-Hit DMG 58.4% 82.6%
Charged Attack DMG 132% 105%
Charged Attack Stamina Cost 50 50
Plunge DMG 56.8% 112.3%
Low Plunge DMG 114% 225%
High Plunge DMG 142% 281%
See full attribute scaling and advance properties here.
All Schemes to Know | Skill
Sends forth karmic bonds of wood and tree from her side, dealing AoE Dendro DMG and marking up to 8 opponents hit with the Seed of Skandha. When held, this skill will trigger differently.
Enters Aiming Mode, which will allow you to select a limited number of opponents within a limited area. During this time, Nahida’s resistance to interruption will be increased. When released, this skill deals Dendro DMG to these opponents and marks them with the Seed of Skandha. Aiming Mode will last up to 5s and can select a maximum of 8 opponents.
Seed of Skandha
Opponents who have been marked by the Seed of Skandha will be linked to one another up till a certain distance. After you trigger Elemental Reactions on opponents who are affected by the Seeds of Skandha or when they take DMG from Dendro Cores (including Burgeon and Hyperbloom DMG). Nahida will unleash Tri-Karma Purification on the opponents and all connected opponents, dealing Dendro DMG based on her ATK and Elemental Mastery. You can trigger at most 1 Tri-Karma Purification within a short period of time.

All Schemes to Know Preview
Attributes Level 1 Level 15
Tapping DMG 98.4% 233.7%
Hold DMG 130.4% 309.7%
Tri-Karma Purification DMG 103.2% ATK + 206.4% Elemental Mastery 245.1% ATK + 490.2% Elemental Mastery
Tri-Karma Purification Trigger Interval 2.5 Seconds 2.5 Seconds
Seed of Skandha Duration 25 Seconds 25 Seconds
Tapping Cooldown 5 Seconds 5 Seconds
Hold Cooldown 6 Seconds 6 Seconds
See full attribute scaling and advance properties here.
Illusory Heart | Burst
Manifests the Court of Dreams and expands the Shrine of Maya.

When the Shrine of Maya field is unleashed, the following effects will be separately unleashed based on the Elemental Types present within the party.

– Pyro: While Nahida remains within the Shrine of Maya, the DMG dealt by Tri-Karma Purification from “All Schemes to Know” is increased.
– Electro: While Nahida remains within the Shrine of Maya, the interval between each Tri-Karma Purification from “All Schemes to Know” is decreased.
– Hydro: The Shrine of Maya’s duration is increased.

If there are at least 2 party members of the aforementioned Elemental Types present when the field is deployed, the aforementioned effects will be increased further.

Even if Nahida is not on the field, these bonuses will still take effect so long as party members are within the Shrine of Maya.

Illusory Heart Preview
Attributes Level 1 Level 15
Pyro: DMG Bonus 1 Character 14.9% 1 Character 35.34%
Pyro: DMG Bonus 2 Characters 22.3% 2 Characters 53.01%
Electro: Trigger Interval Decrease 1 Character 0.25 Seconds 1 Character 0.59 Seconds
Electro: Trigger Interval Decrease 2 Characters 0.37 Seconds 2 Characters 0.88 Seconds
Hydro: Duration Extension 1 Character 3.34 Seconds 1 Character 7.94 Seconds
Hydro: Duration Extension 2 Characters 5.02 Seconds 2 Characters 11.91 Seconds
Base Duration 15 Seconds 15 Seconds
Cooldown 13.5 Seconds 13.5 Seconds
Energy Cost 50 50
See full attribute scaling and advance properties here.

Nahida Passive Talents

Unlock 2 more passive talents for Nahida on first and fourth ascension phase.

Compassion Illuminated
When unleashing Illusory Heart, the Shrine of Maya will gain the following effects:
– The Elemental Mastery of the active character within the field will be increased by 25% of the Elemental Mastery of the party member with the highest Elemental Mastery.
– You can gain a maximum of 250 Elemental Mastery in this manner.
Awakening Elucidated
Each point of Nahida’s Elemental Mastery beyond 200 will grant 0.1% Bonus DMG and 0.03% CRIT Rate to Tri-Karma Purification from All Schemes to Know. A maximum of 80% Bonus DMG and 24% CRIT Rate can be granted to Tri-Karma Purification in this manner.
On All Things Meditated
Nahida can use All Schemes to Know to interact with some harvestable items within a fixed AoE. This skill may even have some other effects…

Nahida Constellations

New constellation’s passive abilities can be unlocked for Nahida each time you obtain a character’s specific item called Stella Fortuna and these upgrades can permanently enhance Nahida in various ways.

The Seed of Stored Knowledge
When the Shrine of Maya is unleashed and the Elemental Types of the party members are being tabulated, the count will add 1 to the number of Pyro, Electro, and Hydro characters respectively.
The Root of All Fullness
Opponents that are marked by Seeds of Skandha applied by Nahida herself will be affected by the following effects:

– Burning, Bloom, Hyperbloom, and Burgeon Reaction DMG can score CRIT Hits. CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG are fixed at 20% and 100% respectively.
– Within 8s of being affected by Quicken, Aggravate, Spread, DEF is decreased by 30%.

The Shoot of Conscious Attainment
Increases the Level of All Schemes to Know by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
The Stem of Manifest Inference
When 1/2/3/(4 or more) nearby opponents are affected by All Schemes to Know’s Seeds of Skandha, Nahida’s Elemental Mastery will be increased by 100/120/140/160.
The Leaves of Enlightening Speech
Increases the Level of Illusory Heart by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
The Fruit of Reason’s Culmination
When Nahida hits an opponent affected by All Schemes to Know’s Seeds of Skandha with Normal or Charged Attacks after unleashing Illusory Heart, she will use Tri-Karma Purification: Karmic Oblivion on this opponent and all connected opponents, dealing Dendro DMG based on 200% of Nahida’s ATK and 400% of her Elemental Mastery.

DMG dealt by Tri-Karma Purification: Karmic Oblivion is considered Elemental Skill DMG and can be triggered once every 0.2 seconds.

This effect can last up to 10s and will be removed after Nahida has unleashed 6 instances of Tri-Karma Purification: Karmic Oblivion.

Nahida Ratings

Rating: 4.87/5. From 171 votes.
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Rating: 4.53/5. From 53 votes.
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Rating: 4.75/5. From 48 votes.
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There has been leaks for her materials
she needs kalapata lotus
fungal spores
ingenuity book

There’s a reason why she’s small and having brighter skin. Kusanali is based on Buddhist poem/story about grass fairies, called Kusanali Jataka. The moral of the story is to not undestimate/judge someone’s wisdom by how small/short they are.

Old man with a knowledge is boring, a little kid is much more interesting

I still think she’d look better with darker skin, but that’s fine.

Many people have judged her because she is small, and they believe that small people do not deserve to be wise, let alone rule an entire nation. I guess there are still many idiots who judge people based on their appearance while complaining about diversity.

Soneone claims she is a hybrid of Kusanarli and another Hindu god of wisdom with “pale white as moon skin.”

Hoyoverse seriously puts thoughts and meanings, or even hidden meanings, into every design (e.g. Archon names are demon names, villains, lores, etc.) and it has been evident for almost every patch, where some elements are introduced/revealed why is it like that later on.