Mondstadt Shrine of Depths Locations

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This is a guide for Mondstadt Shrine of Depths locations in Genshin Impact. Learn how to get the keys and where to unlock all 10 Shrine of Depths in Mondstadt.

mondstadt shrine of depth keys and locations

Mondstadt Shrine of Depths Locations

Every Shrine of Depths is worth unlocking because of the chest rewards that you can get. By opening each of those Luxurious chests, you will receive 40 Primogems, 10 Sigils, 60 Adventure EXP, and a decent amount of weapons and artifacts that should help boost your characters especially if you are just starting out in Genshin Impact. To help you find each Shrine in Mondstadt, use this map below to pinpoint their locations.

Mondstadt Shrine of Depths LocationsClick To Enlarge
Mondstadt Shrine of Depths 1 1. Use the teleporter in Brightcrown Canyon and traverse northeast to cliff side.
Mondstadt Shrine of Depths 2 2. The Shrine is located up in the hill west of Anemo Hypostasis arena.
Mondstadt Shrine of Depths 3 3. Use the teleporter on the beach and climb towards southeast.
Mondstadt Shrine of Depths map 4 4. Teleport to Temple of The Lion domain and climb the rocks behind it to get there quickly.
Mondstadt Shrine of Depths map 5 5. Teleport to Dadaupa Gorge and travel to west.
Shrine of Depths 6 6. Teleport to Dragonspine Adventurer camp and travel towards the Northeast.
Shrine of Depths 7 7. Northeast of the Springvale town, Climb the cliffs to find the Shrine in front of a rock formation.
Shrine of Depths 8 8. Teleport to Statue of The Seven in Dawn Winery and fast travel to north.
Shrine of Depths 9 9. Travel from Stone Gate or Dragonspine teleporter and go to the higher plateau to find the Shrine of Depths.
Shrine of Depths 10 10. The Shrine is located between Cecilia Garden and Dominator of Wolves arena.

Mondstadt Shrine of Depths Keys

There is a total of 10 Shrine of Depths key in Mondstadt. You can get all the keys from completing domains, quests, and reaching chapters 4 and 5 in Adventurer Handbook.

Domains – 4 Keys

These are the domains located in Mondstadt that will reward you with a key once you clear them for the first time.

one time domain for shrine of depth keys

Ascension Quest – 3 Keys

After reaching Adventurer Rank 25, go to the Midsummer Courtyard in Mondstadt. Clearing this domain will give you 3 Shrine of Depths keys.

World Quest – 1 Key

Complete the New Horizons of Adventure world quest to receive 1 Shrine of Depths Keys. This quest will be available once you completed the 2nd Act in the Prologue chapter of the Archon Quests called For a Tomorrow Without Tears.

new horizons of adventure quest

Adventurer Handbook – 2 Keys

Complete the 4th and 5th chapters on Adventurer Handbook to receive the last 2 keys.

adventure handbook key rewards

And that concludes our complete guide on Mondstadt Shrine of Depths location in Genshin Impact. If you haven’t opened the Shrine in Liyue, you may want can check it here!

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