Mondstadt City Chest Locations

by Admin

These are the location of all chests that can be found in Mondstadt City and some of these chests are well hidden and required some puzzles to unlock. Getting all the chest in this area counts towards Starfell Valley exploration progress.

Chest How To Get
1.Common Behind the wall between 2 ledges. View
2.Common On top of the tower. View
3.Common On the roof. View
4.Common On the roof. View
5.Common On the roof. View
6.Common Below the stairs, close to the tables. View
7.Common Above the wall. View
8.Common Above the gate wall. View
9.Common Inside the wagon behind the blacksmith npc. View
10.Common In the bush behind the building with the seal on the door. View
11.Common On top of the circular tower. View
12.Common On top of the wall along the middle of the battlements. View
13.Common On the top platform of the windmill. View
14.Common At the back of the building. View
15.Common In the corner of the training area. View
16.Luxurious On the rooftop in one of the 4 towers. Easily visible from the Teleport Waypoint. View
17.Common On top of the building. View
18.Common On the roof. View
19.Luxurious Interact with the sparkle and run across the top of this wall to spawn the chest. View
20.Luxurious At the very top of the cathedral. View
21.Common Defeat the small Hydro Slimes. View
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the first one didnt give any primogems its a scam

i dont see anywhere on this site that says it gives primo tho?? they said chest bruh

Common chests don’t give primos tho??? If you want primos look for the other chests