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is keqing stronger than razor? i got them both on dance of lanterns banner.

My electro Keqing mains, what sword is better? Black sword or Lion’s Roar? I currently have Black Sword R2 but noticed Lion’s Roar is rate up on the next weapon banner. I’ve scoured the Keqing main subreddit but got some mixed results.

If your crit rate is higher than %50 or Lions Roar has refinement LR is better Otherwise choose blacksword.

Lion’s roar has higher damage potential given that you have enough crit rate and is going electro build, while black sword gives you an advantage of farming artifacts easier since you dont have to bother about crit rate and because of the lifesteal passive you can play more recklessly.

If you have enough crit, you can use lions roar. But if not, its better to use black sword. You have to get the crit appear consistently.

lions roar will have bigger number but harder to build because of less crit rate, also can utilize keqing E and Q to the maximum potential while blacksword is easier to build but only auto attack and charged attack on par with lions roar, E and Q will have way more lower dmg, but u have some heal tho… have tested, same control group, no argument.