How To Unlock Secret Achievements

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These are the list of secret achievements and how to unlock them for easy Primogems reward in Genshin Impact. These achievements will not appear in your achievement list until you completed it.

20 Primogems Hidden Achievements

1. Purveyor of Punishment
Deal over 50,000 CRIT DMG.
2. The End of the Beginning
Complete the Mondstadt Archon Quests.

10 Primogems Hidden Achievements

1. Purveyor of Punishment
Deal over 5,000 CRIT DMG.
2. Golden Gliding License
Glide a long, long distance in one go.
3. It’s the Same As Having Wings
Glide continuously for over 80s.
4. Run, Melos!
Sprint continuously for over 15s. If you don’t have enough stamina, you can spam jump when your stamina is depleted.
5. Fallout Three
Crush all of a Geo Hypostasis’ Rock Pillars of Revival before it can be revived.
6. The PRISM Program
Break all of an Electro Hypostasis’ Revival Prisms before it can be revived.
7. That’s one big Crystalfly
Absorb all of an Anemo Hypostasis’ Wind Crystals before it can be revived.
8. Not indicative of final product
Defeat an Anemo Hypostasis that has undergone 4 types of Elemental Conversions. Use 4 types of elemental attacks on Anemo Hypostasis Tornado. To complete this easily, save your burst for all 4 characters before starting a fight with Anemo Hypostasis.
9. Hilichurl Champion
Defeat a Stonehide Lawachurl before its Infused Form can expire.
10. Bon App├ętit
Feed all your party members with food until they are full. Change your party members to those with lower levels to prevent food wastage.
11. Fantastic Four
Clear any domain with four characters with similar elements. You can pick the easiest domain to clear as you can complete the achievement without claiming the reward with resins.
12. The Outlander Who Caught the Wind
Complete The Outlander Who Caught the Wind quest
13. For a Tomorrow Without Tears
Complete the For a Tomorrow Without Tears quest
14. Song of the Dragon and Freedom
Complete Song of the Dragon and Freedom quest
15. Of the Land Amidst Monoliths
Complete the Of the Land Amidst Monoliths quest
16. Farewell, the Archaic Lord
Complete Farewell, the Archaic Lord quest
17. Take That, You Overblown Mist Flower!
Defeat a Cryo Regisvine without destroying its corolla weak point.
18. That Was Blooming Hot
Defeat a Pyro Regisvine without destroying its corolla weak point.

5 Primogems Hidden Achievements

1. Overlooking View
Reach the very top of Qingyun Peak.
2. The Remains of the Gale
Reach the top of the tower in Stormterror’s Lair. Remember that some of the pillars will block you from climbing. You have to try each pillar to successfully reach the top.
3. Seeds of Stories, Brought By the Wind
Reach the nameless island northeast of Mondstadt.
4. Unswerving
In order to complete this achievement, you need to find a friend to co-op with you and stand inside the heart shape on an island located southwest of Yaoguang Shoal.
5. Initiating Warp Drive!
Pass through the time tunnel in the skies of Cape Oath.
6. Beloved of the Anemo Archon
Take a seat in the hands of the God Statue in Mondstadt.
7. The Best Sword in the Cemetery
Unlock the Tri-Seal of the Sword Cemetery by completing the Break The Sword Cemetery Seal quest.
8. Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula
Follow in the footsteps of immortals and unlock the Domain’s door.
9. Cecilia Garden
Return the Seelie to their rightful places and unlock the entrance to a Domain in Wolvendom.
10. Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula
Follow the Seelie and light the torches to unlock the entrance to a Domain in Wuwang Hill.
11. If you put your heart into it
You need to cook any food badly once. If you’ve already unlocked auto-cook for all your food, then you need to wait for the next patch or AR40 for new recipes.
12. Anyone can be a gourmet
Cook any food badly 9 more times and you will complete this achievement.
13. Boared to Death
You need to get one of your characters being defeated by a wild boar. Fall down from a high place and respawn your character with a fried egg. Next, try to get a wild boar to hit you.
14. The Bigger They Are
Paralyze a Ruin Guard by attacking its weak point.
15. Through Pass
Knock a Pyro Slime out of the hands of a Hilichurl Grenadier.
16. Dolorous Stroke
Defeat an enemy by Shattering the Ice they are trapped in.
17. Purveyor of Punishment
Deal over 20,000 CRIT DMG.
18. Let the Wind Lead
Obtain the power of Anemo by completing Bird’s Eye View quest.
19. Or a New Storm
Banish the dragon attacking Mondstadt by completing the Dragon Storm quest.
20. Knighthood Excellence
Become an Honorary Knight of Favonius by completing the Knights of Favonius quest.
21. Knights and their Knotty Issues
Complete the Wild Escape quest.
22. Winds Change Their Course
Be rescued by Dvalin by completing A Long Shot quest.
23. Outlandish Behavior
Complete Rite of Descension quest
24. Silly-Billy Churlish Ghoul
Agree to play with Dusky Ming in the Wangshu quest.
25. That Smells Divine
Figure out which perfume Rex Lapis is fond of by completing the Three Poignant Perfumes quest.
26. It’s Bigger on the Inside
Clean Madame Pings’ teapot by completing The Realm Within quest
27. Ticked, Tacked, and Towed
Complete the Downtown quest
28. Respecting Cultural Heritage
You failed to find the Cocogoat… but manage to repair a mechanism. Earned during Guizhong’s quest.
29. Rexit
Complete the Guizhong quest.
30. Poet Vs. Paycheck
Complete So-called Work and receive Linling’s poetry anthology quest
31. Taking Responsibility for Your Actions
Apologize to Timmie in Sorry, Timmie! quest.
32. Get Your Own Emergency Food!
Consume the food during “Food Delivery”…? quest
33. Making Do
Complete The Limitations of an Adventurer quest
34. Beginner’s Luck
Select the highest value jade on your first try. Can be earned during Diamond in the Rough… quest.
35. Nothing to Lose But Time
Complete Time and the Wind quest
36. Interview with a Bygone God
Hear the story of a bygone deity in Treasure Lost, Treasure Found quest.
37. Crouching Dragon, Hidden Chi
Complete The Chi of Guyun quest.
38. Scourge of the Battlefield
Complete Nine Pillars of Peace quest.
39. Shadow Over Luhua Pool
Talk to Vermeer after completing the Luhua Landscape quest. He’s at the ruins with the teleporter directly across the pool.
40. Ready Player Zero
Play a simple game with Childish Jiang in A Little Game quest.
41. Trees Should Blend Their Roots and Shade, For That Is Where the Home Is Made
Complete The Tree who Stands Alone quest.
42. This Novel is Amazing!
Complete the A Novel Plan quest.
Talk to any NPC in charge of the reputation system and accept any bounty requests then teleport to any bounty’s target active territory and trigger the countdown timer. Next, wait for the timer to finish and fail the challenge.
44. All’s Well That Ends Well
Complete the quest “For Old Time’s Sake.
45. The Hunter Becomes the Hunted
Get any party member knocked out by The Great Snowboar King.
46. Chill Out!
Defeat The Great Snowboar King while the latter is in berserker mode. Berseker mode is when his eyes glow red and have eye trails.

Found more secret achievements that are not listed in this post? be sure to share it with us using our comment section below!

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