How to Open Dragonspine’s Secret Door

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If you are ready for collecting hidden boxes, then Dragonspine has a few of them that are waiting to be discovered and during your travels, you will discover a door that won’t open up unless you offer the 3 boxes scattered all over the map.

Princess Box

The first box can be found on a small island that’s on the outer edge of Dragonspine and you will need to defeat 3 abyss mages within a time limit. So, make sure to bring at least 1 pyro character that can take care of their shield while the remaining hydro abyss mage can be pushed into the lake for fast disposal.

Scribe’s Box

Once you have the first box, this next one is a bit tricky since you will need to pay your respect and have 3 Cecilias in your backpack. Place the flowers near the tombstone and a chest will appear that will contain the second box. If you don’t know where to get Cecilia, you can find plenty of them on the Starsnatch Cliff in the Mondstadt region.

Priest’s Box

Finally, the last box is the easiest one. All you need to do is go to this location and open the chest.

Unlocking The Secret Room

Once you have all the boxes, make your way by teleporting to the Statue of the Seven in Dragonspine and glide south to reach the secret room.

Now that you are inside the room, collect all the treasure, and take special notice of the tablet that is residing beside you. You need to activate this tablet to complete the Dragonspine’s Ancient Carvings.

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