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Mora is used for almost every form of transaction, purchase, or process, and far be it for me to deny you that you don’t need it because yeah you need a lot. If you need a simple guide on how to farm Mora in Genshin Impact, you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, we’re going to be showing you all the ways you can get your hands on Mora so you can be aware of them as you keep playing.

Early on you might have received a lot of free Mora and have been sitting in the hundreds of thousands for most of your time between adventure rank 1 all the way to maybe 25. By the time you start getting towards the later stages of the game at its current version 1.0 the seemingly infinite supply of funds you had before will start to diminish very rapidly. That’s because things such as enhancing, refining, ascending equipment, leveling up and ascending characters, and raising their talents. All of those dramatically increase in price.

At the early stages of your time playing Genshin Impact, things may only cost about a thousand at most. However, starting about AR 25 or so when you’re working on characters and their equipment in the level 50 and 3 to 4 stars artifacts the overall price for enhancements break into the tens of thousands pretty routinely. I wouldn’t necessarily say you’ll be starved for it and need to go out of your way but so long as you keep these in the back of your head your pockets should never really go empty.

One Time Mora Sources

Obtainable only once, these usually give loads of Mora anywhere from some tens of thousands to ludicrous numbers well into the hundreds of thousands.

Spiral Abyss

The Spiral Abyss is another domain located in the far east of Mondstadt where you basically partake in a gauntlet run of battles with the difficulty of each floor increasing the further down you go. If you haven’t been doing this already and believe me a lot of people forget to, Spiral Abyss comes with loads of rewards upon completing floors and if you plan to undertake them around AR 30 you should be able to clear up to around floor 5 to 6 maybe even higher if you have the right units and equipment.

The chamber’s bounty will yield you a good amount of Mora if you can get halfway through or further and the total count if you can complete the entire abyss, amounts to 300,000 Mora as well as a ton of other rewards. So get to it, and it’s also a decent source of Primogems too.

Adventurer’s Handbook – Experience

The Experience tab in the adventurer’s handbook is the next one which you’ve no doubt been working towards completing since you started the game but in some cases, players actually tend to forget about it.

Not only do you receive lots of AR experience, enhanced materials, and even items but you also get a ton of Mora and Primogems. The 9 chapters grant you a total of 270,000 but since some of the achievements are locked in adventure rank, you won’t be able to complete chapter 9 until around AR 40. If you haven’t been keeping up on the various tasks you should get into it since you’re missing out on a lot of stuff.

Battle Pass Rewards

While this is technically not fully obtainable without spending money on the game, the battle pass is another fantastic way to receive Mora. Every three levels of the battle pass unlocked yields huge amounts of Mora and while not required if you purchase Gnostic Hymn you’ll get 4 times the amount of the regular. But even Gnostic Hymn’s battle pass is good enough as is, as long as you do all the battle pass quests every day and the ones every week you’ll be able to make a ton of free Mora.

There’s been a debate about whether or not it’s worth buying the Gnostic Hymn in battle passes but again even if you just use the free pass and start breaking until level 30+ you’ll easily get 60 to 80k every three levels.

Nameless Treasure Quest

The Nameless Treasure Quest may be a tad on the tedious side and it’s a little out of your way but you have to explore the entire world eventually. It’s a 300k Mora for something you were gonna do anyway. After you complete the three puzzles for the Nameless Treasures, head on over to Linlang and exchange them for a nice bit of AR experience, Primogems, and Mora.

Farmable Sources

I believe that’s all of the major one-time sources of Mora so let’s move on to the ones you can do indefinitely until the end of time.

Ley Line Outcrops

Initially, Ley Line Outcrops are a terrible way to use your resin since early on they give almost nothing but later on they become a higher quantifiable source of Mora once you reach AR 30+ when you’re starting to run low because each outcrop will then start to give you about 40,000 Mora. So if you feel like dedicating a day to restock your checking account that’s over 200,000 Mora in 16 hours worth of resin.

In fact, Ley Line Outcrop – Blossoms of Wealth are probably the easiest source of Mora past AR 35 if you’re not in a rush to spend resin on something else. But then again resin is a very precious and sort of premium resource so you should only really do this if you’re either extremely impatient or if you’re in a tight pinch and lack time to get Mora.

Treasure Chest Farming

This one is pretty obvious, chest farming is much more time consuming than the other methods since it’s usually like 2 to 3 hours to find a hundred or so chests. But since most chests give about a thousand or more, finding a hundred chests will equate to a hundred grand. It’s sort of one of those things that you may not be doing specifically for Mora because Chests are really the only unlimited source of AR experience once you finish all the Archon World and Story quests. Trust me it’s not as bad as it looks because you can also get your hands on a ton of artifacts and whatnot.

Exchange Sigils

They’re an infinite resource too since chest always gives anywhere between 1 to 5 Anemo sigils in Mondstadt and Geo sigils and Liyue. Heading over to each town’s respective souvenir stores will allow you to spend sigils on an assortment of items specifically Mora.

There are two selections of Mora, the first that costs only 1 sigil for 1,600 which you can buy 60 for a total of 96,000, and the other that costs 2 sigils for 1,600 which you can buy an endless amount of. Not only are you getting Mora from the chest, but you’re also getting sigils that can turn into Mora as well.

Bear in mind though, in order to access the two sigil purchase you need to have bought everything else in the shop so it may be a while before you can use this method as a Mora supply just something to have in the back of your head especially when you’re farming a bunch of chests.

Stardust Exchange

While you wish for new units, you’ll have gathered a stash of masterless stardust. This can also be used to purchase Mora and a lot of it. Open the shop and click Paimon’s bargains then head on over to the stardust exchange and you’ll have access to two selections of Mora. The first one costs 10 stardust for 10,000 with a monthly cap of 30 which is 300,000 Mora. While the other is an unlimited supply of 10,000 Mora that costs 20 stardust.

I can understand that this method isn’t as readily available to free-to-play players since you don’t get that much stardust as a person who spends money. But even though you are free to play, you should get quite a bit and I personally prioritize Mora over anything else.

Dismantle Artifacts

This last method is not commonly well known because everyone is usually using them for enhancements but artifacts can actually be dismantled for Mora. If you’re carrying a lot of artifacts from your chest travels, you can throw away a whole bunch for some spare change. That being said chances are you’re using artifacts as enhancement fodder anyway so similar to Ley Line outcrops, I’d only really recommend this if you’re in a pinch and you need cash right this instant or if you have nothing else to enhance at the current moment.

And that’s about all the easy sources of Mora. Obviously, there are other ways such as farming mobs, commissions, or adventure rank rewards but you do those anyway so I didn’t think it was necessary to explain them.

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Boxes in the ocean, every box give 2x sigils and 1000~2000 mora, every box worth 2400 mora average. Using for example the lake of Hutao mountain.