1. Admin

    It’s an old bug that I thought developers fixed already. Anyway, I had the same problem before when making this guide, and what I did is just reconnect a few times every time it won’t work.

  2. Ice

    Chest 41 isnt working on me idky. Help i guess

  3. gray

    thank you very much

  4. Ryuz

    Great job man. Despite we spent countless hours those chests are very well hidden. Helped me a lot !

  5. vamP

    great job, thank you a lot

  6. Edu

    This helped a lot, good work!

  7. kerbal

    Thank you, very helpful guide.

  8. Ken

    thx dude. 80% chest in this guide is never founded by me if you didnt made this guide.

  9. Martini

    Thanks for the guide! Found a lot of new chests, despite sweeping the map several times before this guide

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