All Hidden And Secret Chest Locations

by Admin

In this guide, I’m going to share all the hidden and secret chests that you might be missing in Genshin Impact. Finding these chests required solving puzzles, interacting with objects and some are just placed in unexpected places that you probably missed when exploring.

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is Inazuma/Sumeru coming ?? This site is way too great to be just liyue/mond 🥹

Missed out on A LOT of the mondstadt Lihue sumeru inzauma locations tho


Wasn’t there a Luxurious chest in Mondstadt that requires you to run across the balcony/veranda/pillar thingy near the Barbatos statue?

Really great guide, but there’s a luxurious chest on heart island that you need co-op for.

This is absolutely excellent. No other website or guide even comes close to every one of yours, everything here is concise yet has everything you need. I got so frustrated using other guides, they’re completely ass or just straight up wrong. This is the one stop shop for everything you need genshin related.

Are you planning on doing any abyss guides in the future? I know they’re pretty awkward because everybody has a different team comp but i’m sure you could pull it off. Thank you mate.

dude your amazing, so much effort spent on this! thank you so much!

This guide is very helpful, thank you. A tip that would help others if you have the time is to organize the chest better so we don’t have to teleport to and away too many times.

Where’s the exact spot for #17?
I wish the image on the right side more zoomed out

Wow, so many hidden chests with special requirements that I never see before! Amazing!