Hellfire Butterfly Location & Usage

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Hellfire Butterfly is a weekly boss material used for character’s talent leveling in Genshin Impact. On this page, we will provide on where to find Hellfire Butterfly and which character is using it.

Hellfire Butterfly
Hellfire Butterfly
Rarity Material Type Obtained From
★★★★★ Weekly Boss Drops Narukami Island: Tenshukaku

A warped shard that houses great might. You obtained this from defeating Signora, who unleashed her original power. The seal of ice was broken under duress, and as her former will surged forth from its pale white prison and she remembered her old name once more, the undying butterfly danced amidst burning flesh and blood. And she remembered her past, wandering the land, spreading the flame, burning away all evil — and she recalled the face of the person she could never meet again.

Hellfire Butterfly Location

Hellfire Butterfly is obtainable as a possible reward from La Signora in Narukami Island: Tenshukaku Domain located in Inazuma City.

Hellfire Butterfly Usage

Players will need 6 Hellfire Butterfly to fully upgrade each talent of certain characters. These are the characters that use Hellfire Butterfly to level up their talents.




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