Guide to Elegance

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The Guide to Elegance is a character development item released in version 2.0 of Genshin Impact. This page contains everything you need to know on where to find Guide to Elegance and which characters are using it.

Guide to Elegance
Talent Level-Up
Violet Court
Elegance is the form of the nation of thunder.Elegance shuns arrogance. The elegant are ever humble, and only by discarding vanity and sloth may one see clearly — and is there not beauty and loveliness even in the basest of appearances?

Where To Get Guide to Elegance

Guide to Elegance is a random reward from clearing the Thundering Valley from Violet Court in Inazuma every Tuesday and Friday or every Sunday where every Talent materials are available.

It can also be crafted in the Alchemy table using 3 pieces of Teachings of Elegance and 175 Mora.

Character That Use Guide to Elegance

These are characters that use Guide to Elegance to level up their talents.

Kujou Sara
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