Geoculus Locations And How To Get Them

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Here are the complete Geoculus locations in Genshin Impact. This interactive map will guide you through every Geoculus you can get in the Liyue region and keep track of your progress when collecting them.

Geoculus Map

There are 131 Geoculus around the Liyue region and most of them are located in hard-to-reach places or just hidden in plain sight. Collecting and offering them to the Statue of the Seven will reward you with Primogems, Adventurer Exp, and a significant boost in your character’s stamina.

It is recommended to bring characters with navigation advantages in the game such as Venti, or Geo Traveller to reach a higher place on the map. Some Geoculus are also locked behind puzzles and quests. Always read the info on each Geoculus from our interactive map to easily find them.

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