Falcon Coast Chest Locations

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These are the location of all chests that can be found in Falcon Coast in the Mondstadt region and some of these chests are well hidden and required some puzzles to unlock.

Falcon Coast Chests Location

Falcon Coast Chests Location
1. Located beside the Teleport Waypoint.
2. Located on the edge of a platform.
3. Behind pile of rocks, right next to the stairs.
4. Unlocked the chest by lighting all four torches around the area.
5. Located on top of wall next to fire pillar.
6. Behind a tree and broken wall.
7. Located behind the wall.
8. Follow the Mysterious Seelie.
9. Chest will appear after activating all 3 Pyro monument.
10. On the beach, defended by Hilichurls.
11. Hidden chest will appear after shooting all three Small Anemo Slimes.
12. Protected by a Large Hydro Slime and a Small Cryo Slime.
13. Buried in the ground on the island. Interact with the rocks to mine it.
14. In between the rocks on the beach.
15. Protected by a Large Hydro Slime and a Small Cryo Slime.
16. On an islet, easy to spot.
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