Everamber Location & Usage

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Everamber is a weekly boss material used for character’s talent leveling in Genshin Impact. On this page, we will provide on where to find Everamber and which character is using it.

Rarity Material Type Dropped By
★★★★★ Weekly Boss Drops Warden of the Last Oasis

A piece of amber taken from the oasis within Apep. Inside the amber, a small, long-extinct insect remains frozen in time. To the tree, it was circumstance that led this little life to be wreathed within its amber. But for said life, this was fate. Following the heaven-sent disaster, wood, vines, roots, and all manner of flora withered and turned to dust. A great many life forms disappeared. But in the stillness of amber, a nameless insect endures in this otherworldly oasis, reaching a future that no others of its kind could.

Everamber Location

Everamber is obtainable as a possible reward from defeating Warden of the Last Oasis in The Realm of Beginnings Domain located in Desert of Hadramaveth, Sumeru.

Everamber Usage

Players will need 6 Everamber to fully upgrade each talent of certain characters. These are the characters that use Everamber to level up their talents.



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