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Elemental reactions are basically an extra effect created whenever you have a primer and a detonator Mixed two elements together. In the case of the primer, the primer is the one that actually inflicts the first element onto a unit. As a general rule of thumb, you don’t look at the primer as the main driver in terms of elemental reaction. The detonator is going to be the actual party whose stats matter. This is going to be the character that triggers the reaction by adding these second elements.

Elemental Reaction Breakdown


The main thing to remember with swirl is that it’s triggered by an Anemo or Wind. When you use an Anemo on either Pyro, Hydro, Cryo, or Electro it will deal extra elemental damage to that element and also spread the element to nearby monsters. Secondary reaction damage is calculated by the field character’s elemental mastery.


When you use a Geo skill on an elementally affected monster it will drop an elemental shard that you can pick up to provide a shield to reduce incoming damage.

It’s also important to note that even if you have a shield, it’s still possible to be affected by the status ailments associated with that element. This is due to shields only negating damage. So if you’re wet with a Cryo shield, you can still freeze if you get affected by Cryo.

Electro Charged

This elemental reaction occurs between electro and hydro. When you trigger Electro Charge, you will deal chain damage and have an additional tick of electro damage. The purple damage text indicates that it’s additional electrode damage so be mindful of using this reaction if your targets have electro resistance.


A reaction between Electro and Cryo. When Superconduct is triggered it causes additional AoE Cryo damage and reduces Physical Def by 50%. Damage is based on the level of the Character that triggers the reaction. Bebuff lasts up to 8 seconds depending on the Character level.

The superconductor is dependent upon the number of enemies affected by one reaction and “echoes” the damage by the number hit. For example, 50 mobs hit by a Superconductor, each mob hit 50 times.


Triggered between electro and pyro, when you trigger overload you can expect to see AoE Pyro damage and deals extra damage to Geo based structures and some Geo Shields. You can see the additional damage from overload indicated as pink text.


Currently no way of applying Dendro debuff. Dendro can only react with Pyro to create burning. Burning makes enemies take 2.5x the damage of the attack that triggers the reactions as damage over time effect.

Now we’re going to move on to elemental reactions that are affected by the order of how you trigger them. These reactions are Vaporize, Melt, and Frozen.


Vaporize is an elemental reaction between Pyro and Hydro. If you proc Vaporize with Hydro then you will do 2x hydro damage. If you proc Vaporize with Pyro you’ll do 1.5x pyro damage. A simple way to remember which one does more damage is thinking that you typically put the fire out with water. So a hydro vaporize will do more but you don’t put water out with fire so a pyro vaporize does less in comparison.


Melt is an elemental reaction that occurs between Pyro and Cryo just like vaporize. The order in which the element you use matters. If you proc melt with Pyro then you will deal a 2x Pyro damage, if you proc Melt with Cryo then you will deal a 1.5x Cryo damage.

Again a simple way to remember this is that you would typically melt the ice with fire. So using Pyro to trigger Melt will do more damage as opposed to saying you’re going to melt fire with ice in which proc-ing melt with cryo will have a lower modifier.

Freeze & Shatter

The freeze occurs between Hydro and Cryo. When Freeze is triggered they get frozen and can not move or attack and can last up to 3.5 seconds. When a target is frozen you can trigger an effect called shatter, this effect occurs by hitting a frozen unit with a heavy physical attack from Claymore characters like Razor or Noelle, which deals 25% extra physical damage than a normal attack. This effect does not have a text visual for some reason.

Final Notes

Elemental reaction damage is always dealt by the last person that triggers or activates the element. Electro + Pyro/Hydro have a 2 seconds cooldown to reactive the reaction. Electro-Charge sometimes takes 2 seconds to deal the 2 tick damage. The freeze effect lasts from 1.25 seconds to 3.5 seconds max. Superconduct physical damage debuff lasts from 2.25 seconds up to 8 seconds.

These reaction debuff times depend upon the level of the character that triggers the reaction. Try to avoid triggering reactions with low level supports because it will kill you dps.

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