Dragonspine Ancient Stone Tablet Locations Guide

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If you managed to unlock the Dragonspine’s ancient carvings room in Genshin Impact, you can get the secret reward claymore named Snow-Tombed Starsilver. But to open the room, you will have to find the 8 ancient carvings first and Dragonspine is a massive mountain full of hidden pathways and caves.

Finding these tablets or carvings as the game calls it is a puzzle of its own and you can see on this map the exact locations of each of the tablets you need to get a hold of.

#1 Ancient Carving

The first stone tablet is located to the northeast of the Frost Bearing tree in Snow-Covered Path. Light up all 4 torches and defeat the floating mechanism to loot the hidden chest in this area.

#2 Ancient Carving

The second stone tablet is located west of the Wyrmrest Valley teleporter. You need to defeat the Ruin Grader to access it and reveal the hidden chest.

#3 Ancient Carving

The stone tablet is located under this arena and locked behind a puzzle before you can interact with it. View Puzzle Guide

#4 Ancient Carving

The Ancient stone tablet is located under the frozen pool locked behind a puzzle.

#5 Ancient Carving

Located at the summit of Starglow Cavern. You can easily reach it by climbing from the nearby teleporter.

#6 Ancient Carving

It is locked behind a secret door that requires 3 boxes to unlock. Read this guide on how to get all 3 boxes in to unlock the secret door in Dragonspine.

#7 Ancient Carving

The stone tablet is located near the Peak of Vindagnyr domain. You need to progress your “In Mountain” World Quest to reach this area.

#8 Ancient Carving

The final stone tablet is located near the Ancient Carving Door just below the Statue of the Seven.

Once you have interacted with all 8 ancient carvings, activate the mechanical device to open the door. Inside, you will find a chest with a memory of the Entombed City.

How To Get The Secret Reward

Once you’re done looting the whole room, the next thing you need to do is light up all the fire braziers which will then trigger a special cutscene and you will get an insanely awesome reward.

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