1. XM

    Love u all guys thanks

  2. Danish

    Thankyou for this farming route, love it!

  3. Admin

    thanks for your feedback! i believe that’s a weapon but i will check again. also i am planning to edit the guide sooner and add a few non respawning artifacts.

  4. Eccentric Song

    Hello~ I believe you’ve missed one: https://imgur.com/BhOm0Wv
    Love how your guide is so clear and succint. If I had to give my 2 cents, though; it would be better if you didn’t include non-respawning artis as part of ‘the route’. To remove arrows leading to them and color them differently would be sufficient.

  5. Anika

    thanks for making this genshin impact artifact farm route for us! really helped a lot especially me that just started to farm for artifact upgrade materials.

  6. Tommy

    Thank you so much this helped me a lot!

  7. Parthhay

    Found one that’s not on your maps.


    admin edit: this doesn’t respawn but will add it on the future

  8. Admin

    i think your talking about #6 of Wangshu Inn Route?

  9. MadMage

    Oops! Sorry, it’s North of #9. Typo.

  10. MadMage

    Your route missed a big trove on the Jeuyun Karst section; just North of #5 there is a ruin visible on the map with a hidden intact basement. There are 5 ‘discover’ points within, as well as a Geoculous.

  11. steven

    thank you for sharing your artifact farming route!

  12. makie

    Finally found this! watching yt videos takes too much time, i can say this is the best genshin impact farming route for artifacts.

  13. Ruzafilla

    some locations you can get 2x instead 1x where you put. Otherwise 10/10 guide found many chest, and different stuff while exploring those.

  14. Defnotsmoj

    Very informative guide and you save my life! thank you!

  15. Kiyo

    Great concise guide, hope to see more content in future!

  16. anthonygamer

    Thank you!!!!!

  17. Jeferson Gomide Silva

    Nice route, ty !

  18. Rio

    THANK YOU!!!

  19. Daniel

    It was fun following this route. I found a couple of seeles, geoculus and challenges I haven’t done yet!

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