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Thank you for a truly excellent guide. The artifact shopkeepers seem to reset every Thursday.

you miss 1 spot at wangshu inn basement

no, there’s one in a box by the river I’ve had in my daily route for like a month and a half now, it keeps coming back. Great article otherwise, I need to make a new route with some of these ones I missed.

So this is what it looks like. I got it today and it hasn’t respawned yet. But I can get another screenshot sometime tomorrow with it having a sparkle and artifacts come out

box artifact spawn-min.png

Is there a trick on getting x2 or x5 artifact exp when enhancing them or is it completely random? Anyway, thank for making this enhance artifact path!

yes, but it’s really tedious. instead of putting 6 artifacts in all at once, you put only one. personally, i only do it for 3 stars and above. it’s not worth the time to do it for any artifacts of lower level.

good job on making this artifact power farming guide, it helped me a lot on progressing my quests

Opinion: Maybe add number of investigation points on each spot & whether it can be 1* or 2* artifact, as more area in future might mean there will be more investigation points than the allowed limit each day. So it might mean investigating certain spot yield more artifact exp.

Of course, there’s chance it won’t reach the limit as well or it doesn’t have limit.

This is simply my opinion.

Been doing these spots for a few month daily. All of the location have a chance to spawn either a 1* or 2* artifacts

FYI It seems some of the 24h artifact spawns have had their cooldowns reduced in the 1.3 update?

It doesn’t seem things were brought down to 12h, but there’s been multiple locations spawning faster than 24h for me (not sure which ones were all affected yet). E.g., I’ve seen the Qingce VIllage and Sal Terrae spawns around the 16h mark (not sure on exact time yet either).

The updated locations are (going by naming/numbering of this guide):

Mt Aozang 3, 6
Dihua Marsh 4
Qingce Village 1, 2, 3, 4
Stone Gate 2, 3

Still unsure about exact time, but I’m guessing they’re now 16-18h.

If true, it is good because, I generally tend to do 2 days once because of the exact 24 hours spawn time.


I started playing few weeks ago and always wonder how to level up artifacts in genshin impact without using all my resins in domain. I just found out that you can farm them for free on this guide! thank you so much for this information.

I only have a wish, that is hoping miHoYo to change the artifact respawn to reset at 4 am (server reset time).

Found a respawning weapon crate in Dragonspine near the treasure hoarders at a broken cart north east of snow-covered path

ill look into it, can you provide a screenshot of the exact location?

it doesn’t respawn forgive me

This is the best way to grind artifact power without spending resins. Thank you much for all the helpful info!

Excellent map guide, very useful, and the artifact exp is a lot

Loved this artifact locations guide! what do the blue stars mean? guarded by monsters? 12 hours instead of 24?

edit: nvm I’m blind to the legend on the top left. thanks

I checked these locations relatively thoroughly and it seems to me about half of them are on fixed respawn. Specifically, Mt Aozang and Jeuyun Karst seem to count the time since picked (except Aozang 2 and Aozang 4), while most of the rest respawns at a fixed time of day (except Wangshu 5).

That might be important when farming them since you can farm those with fixed respawn every day at around a certain time while you need to farm the relative ones at shifting schedule because you need to be sure it’s more than 12/24 hours since you picked them. I still need to put more research into it to be sure, though.

I just confirmed an important observation likely explaining various strange experiences players have with collecting artifacts.

There’s a daily limit on how many “Investigate” spots a player can investigate every day. That includes these artifact spawns as well as drops of cooking ingredients, minerals, and I guess even those that drop just Mora. I don’t know the exact number yet but it’s not very high and these artifact drops use up a large part of it. If you exceed your daily quota, the game will not put any new Investigate sparks into the world as you travel through it, but if the time is up to respawn the drop, the respawn will happen on your visit and the next respawn time will be set by it even if you don’t get to see the drop.

These “muted” investigate spots will appear the next day (I guess the limit resets at 4 am) and can be collected. Among others, this may explain why some players can see artifacts respawn in a shorter time than 12/24 hours.

thanks for the info, maybe that is why i never had a problem confirming the artifact spawn because those are the only “investigate” i did when playing. In your test, how many investigate you made before reaching the daily investigate limit?

This is a pretty well-made farming route for artifact exp. I’ve been struggling quite a bit with artifacts after reaching AR40, especially since I’ve almost entirely exhausted all the chests on my map. Really appreciate the routes!

So far this is the best guide on how to farm artifacts in genshin impact! thank you so much for sharing this info

this is the most inclusive and comprehensive artifact route I’ve seen so far. I don’t believe there are any spots that are missing, well done!

Good to see the dragonspine artifact route update!

It is a bit weird…but today I swear that some of the 24-hour locations I farmed became active again in less than 12 hours from when I farmed them. The spots I remember are:

Mt. Aozang locations 5-6
Jueyun Karst locations 1-3
Wangshu Inn Beach West locations 1-3.

I checked the other locations that I usually visit for my 24-hour run, but they were inactive. I happened to do Ganyu’s story questline before I went to check, maybe that had something to do with this?

i believe this is a bug, happened alot when doing a quest but mostly on event time.

Thank you for the guide!

there is one more site of artifacts in the campside near Dragonspine they are in some boxes there

those are non-respawning artifacts and I already linked a map for non-respawning artifacts at the end of my guide.

Umm there are a few more spots to be added from Dragonspine (those are about 5-10 new or more spots)

Heads up, there are two new dragonspine respawnable artifact locations, one’s located by the teleporter south of Wyrmrest valley, and the other is located by the teleporter to the northwest of Starglow Cavern. There’s a reddit post on it, and I’ve just confirmed at the very least that they do respawn (not sure if 12 hr or 24 hr).

Waiting for an update now that Dragonspine’s out. I only know 2 locations where artifacts can respawn in but maybe there’s more that others found

Now since Dragonspine is arrived i noticed with exploring way more area’s for Artifact farm?

Can we get a update from that in the future by any chance?

So today i already farm artifact at 01.00 PM GMT+8, but accidentally when i back to find chest i see Qingce Village Route 5 & 7 spawned again at 7.38 PM. Maybe cause this game online mihoyo can reset the map? Im clueless about this

Mt. Aozang Route #4 Is not even there? I checked yesterday and today i dont see any investigate area’s there?

i found a small location of x2 spawns just to the right of Luhua pool, theres one of those green tents just behind the broken bridge ,i dont know if its 24/12h , but i see that location isnt listed on here x)

There are a couple of artifacts at the bottom of Wangshu Inn, at the crates just next to the main stairs (near Dandy)

As I was doing the 12h Artifacts, I figured I might as well check that all the 24h Markers are still correct too.
I did both the 24h and 12h Artifacts at 13:40 21.11.2020 and checked all of them again at 2:30 22.11.2020 (12h 50m later)
It seems Mt. Aozang #3 is respawning every 12h.

I have started keeping track of all my artifact runs and will try to observe respawn behavior more closely over the next week.

At qingce village got reset because the event unrencociled stars bug. Already farm twice at #1 #2 #3 #4
Maybe someday if some map got bug again, we can use wisely for farm artifact

This version is better than the previous one.

In Qingce Village Route Stone Gate #5, Wangshu Inn Route – West #6 and Mt. Tianheng Route #1, dont respawn in 12 hours

wow thanks man, it help me a lot 😀

I check this every day and noticed that it just got updated… I kinda liked the old one better because it also showed amounts so I could choose to only do the higher amount locations if I was pressed for time or feeling lazy. Any chance you might be able to add the amounts to this one as well please? And out of curiousity, why the change? Are these routes more optimized and streamlined? It kinda seems like it but I’m not positive, even though I checked it every day I didn’t memorize it.

thank you for giving so much time making genshin artifact farming map route for us.

Thankyou for this farming route, love it!

Love how your guide is so clear and succinct. If I had to give my 2 cents, though; it would be better if you didn’t include non-respawning artifacts as part of ‘the route’. To remove arrows leading to them and color them differently would be sufficient.

thanks for making this genshin impact artifact farm route for us! really helped a lot especially me that just started to farm for artifact upgrade materials.

Thank you so much this helped me a lot!

thank you for sharing your artifact farming route!

Finally found this! watching yt videos takes too much time, i can say this is the best genshin impact farming route for artifacts.

some locations you can get 2x instead 1x where you put. Otherwise 10/10 guide found many chest, and different stuff while exploring those.

Very informative guide and you save my life! thank you!

Great concise guide, hope to see more content in future!

Thanks for the guide, it’s well-organized artifact farming in genshin impact and thankfully not a 30-minute youtube that I have to sit through.

Nice route, ty !

This is such a big help especially because I am constantly running out of artifacts to upgrade with and I don’t want to destroy my 3 stars because I can’t tell what I am destroying until the new patch comes along.

Thank you so much for this artifact farming route!

It was fun following this route. I found a couple of seeles, geoculus and challenges I haven’t done yet!