Cuihua Wood Location, Crafting Usage And Farming Route

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Cuihua Wood is a building material that can be collected by attacking Cuihua Trees. Learn more about Cuihua Wood locations, crafting usage, and related materials on this page.

Cuihua Wood – basic info
Item Type Category Rarity
Furnishing Material Material
In-Game Description
Timber obtained from Cuihua Trees. With its lovely color and unique make, it will surely be able to take on myriad uses upon undergoing suitable workmanship.

Cuihua Wood Location

Cuihua Wood can be collected from attacking a fruit tree such as Sunsettia and Apple trees. These also take the longest to farm since they are spread out. Players will find a lot of fruit trees near Dadaupa Gorge and Stormbearer Mountains but Starfell Lake is one of the best places to gather Cuihua Wood in Genshin Impact.

cuihua tree

These are the locations of the most effective way to farm Cuihua Woods for furnishing. Instead of teleporting on multiple places, just choose one of these farm routes that will circle you around and you can just keep doing over and over again.

Cuihua Wood Farming Spot
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