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On Qingyun Peak beetwen 14 and 15 are another crystal there (I farm it)

I have now 1500+ mystic ores with 10 weapons at level 70 and 2 at level 80. This farming route helped me a lot!

Heads up! you need to craft 992 pieces of these crystal chunks into mystic ores to enhance 1 4* weapon from level 80 to 90.

I currently have 538 and this is just beyond ridiculous. It costs almost twice of what you need from level one to 80 just to get from 80 to 90. I guess my Razor is the only one getting any levels.

I use magical crystal chunk every night for weapon material, plus you get a bunch of experience from doing it.

I have been farming crystal chunk in genshin impact for a week now so i could make a weapon for my Diluc, this guide helped a lot

Love the updated guide! When going around to Co-op worlds to farm for crystals where do you suggest to start first?

I would start on mt. aozang and Tianheng route first before getting kicked out heheh

you forgot to add crystals in qingyun peak. other than that it’s perfect!

Nice a good farmer crystal,, thanks a lot!