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Most Efficient Route:
Qingce village – Mt. Aocang – Qinyun Peak (West) – Qinyun Peak East – Cuijue Slope – Nantiamen* – Tianqiu Valley* – Dunyu Ruins – Mt. Tianheng – Lingju Pass – Qingxu Pool* – Guyun Stone Forest – Stormbearer – Thousand Winds Temple* – Dawn Winery – Wolvendom – Stormterror’s Lair Centre and West.

*Nantiamen: Above the teleport waypoint. Sometime it will have ore veins
*Tianqiu Valley: North of teleport waypoint, near the boars. Sometime it will have ore veins.
*Qingxu Pool: Cave below the ruins & Underpass on Fatui Agent. Sometime it will have ore veins.
*Thousand Winds Temple: Northeast from Domain, on the map go to the small grey triangle area by the sea and go down the cliff. Sometime it will have ore veins.


  1. If you ask Mondstad blacksmith and it shows you Windwail Highland area, 80% Wolvendom#2 and Dawn Winery #1 will have ore veins although it doesn’t appear on the map.
  2. If you ask Liyue blacksmith and it shows you Lisha area, 80% Mt. Tiangheng #4 &#5 will have ore veins although it doesn’t appear on the map.

1 more on Stormterror’s Lair, on the north of the square shaped ruins. (right side from teleport waypoint)

Qingyun peak, between 14 & 15, you missed 1 spot, go down below the tents and right of number 17 there is one above the domain.

Thank youuuuuu

Damn so hard working man thanks!

thank you! this is so much better than using interactive map for crystal chunks

On Qingyun Peak beetwen 14 and 15 are another crystal there (I farm it)

I have now 1500+ mystic ores with 10 weapons at level 70 and 2 at level 80. This farming route helped me a lot!

Heads up! you need to craft 992 pieces of these crystal chunks into mystic ores to enhance 1 4* weapon from level 80 to 90.

I currently have 538 and this is just beyond ridiculous. It costs almost twice of what you need from level one to 80 just to get from 80 to 90. I guess my Razor is the only one getting any levels.

I use magical crystal chunk every night for weapon material, plus you get a bunch of experience from doing it.

I have been farming crystal chunk in genshin impact for a week now so i could make a weapon for my Diluc, this guide helped a lot

Love the updated guide! When going around to Co-op worlds to farm for crystals where do you suggest to start first?

I would start on mt. aozang and Tianheng route first before getting kicked out heheh

you forgot to add crystals in qingyun peak. other than that it’s perfect!

Nice a good farmer crystal,, thanks a lot!