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does crimson agate respawn?

I maxed my tree level when I got the last one from the fox. thank you so much for this guide

Anyone has 1 extra crimson agate when they collect all and max to 12?

my tree is level 12 and I have an extra.. I don’t remember when I started doing the wishes… But it’s definitely odd that I have an extra lol

I collected 80, but there’s still a chance that there’s 1 more because miHoYo likes giving stuff as memento. There was an instance where my crimson wish didn’t give me any agates (Monday and Friday) and then after that, it started giving me agates until I completed the tree.

80 agates brings u to level 9 BEFORE crimson wishes so everyone with extra agates means that you have not collected all 80. You only need 70 to unlock crimson wish (you start at level 1)

My last one was not the fox, but the journal of the lost traveller. Took me a lot of time to look for it. I bet many have not opened it too.

I did not find the last 3 because I got too lazy and just waited for the quests

Thanks you for showing us all hidden crimson agate locations. I have the tree at level 12 and I got the others by Crimson wish

I was having a hard time searching for the last 5 agate. Found them because of this crimson agate map, thank you so much for the effort.

thank you so much for this crimson agate chest locations, its really hard finding them all.

thanks for the guides as always 🙂