Best Cor Lapis Locations To Farm

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Cor Lapis is one of Liyue’s local specialties in Genshin Impact. It is a common crystal that you can find in Mt. Hulao and the western coast of Luhua Pool. This Geo crystal is used for character ascension and crafting potions and gadgets. In this guide, we’ll be showing you all Cor Lapis locations and how to get them in the fastest way.

cor lapis locations

Cor Lapis Farming Route

There are plenty of Cor Lapis scattered under cliffs all over Liyue. Mt. Hulao and Mt. Aozang have a great number of these crystals that you can spend a few minutes. As of 1.4 updates, you can now also buy Cor Lapis from Changshun in Liyue Harbor.

Remember, bringing 2 Anemo characters will greatly speed up the time for completing these routes. Using some food buff for decreased stamina consumption would be a great help as well. There will be monsters at the majority of the locations so be careful!

Respawn Timer:

Select an acquired Cor Lapis!

Cor Lapis Usage

Out of all the many uses of Cor Lapis, there are some that you need to prioritize. Chongyun, Keqing, and Zhongli use over 168 Cor Lapis to fully level up each one of them. Apart from that, other uses of Cor Lapis include alchemical recipes such as Dustproof Potions, Geoculus Resonance Stones, and Unmoving Essential Oils. You also need them when crafting Geo Treasure Compasses but make sure you get your priorities right.

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This is the best farming guide out there, thank you!

It would be great if you could put the number of cor lapiz can be mined beside the star or inside the star on the picture (with different color or font from the numbering order of course).

This is a very good farming route. I really need it as I ran out of it and can’t really remember where to farm it. Thank you

Single player and co-op mining are the same in terms of once you break a deposit you need to wait 2-3 days for a respawn, but with a downside/upside is if you are co-op and the partner(s) is close to you then one of you mines then you both can collect the drop. 4 man groups work the same but you need to all be together otherwise only the people by each other will get the loot.

So with this there are times where you can have some if your friends make a schedule and y’all can go to each other’s worlds to mine so long as they don’t have too high of a world level. Higher level world players can join lower world levels but not vise versa

I don’t really understand Can anyone explain the steps? After destroy the mine, no one pick up and what? Who leave world or anything?

My friend joined my world and destroyed one, then he left (without picked it up) but then the chunk still there and the mine still gone.

I’m down AR level 30 World level 3, UID 804803279

A very good idea the only problem is that i no longer have any prototype and my luck with bosses drop is terrible.

If someone hops into my world and helps me beat a few bosses or challenges. They’re more than welcome to 5 minutes of helping themselves to some of my resources.

After i use all my daily resin, i join random players to see if they need help like bosses or hard challenges, and its pretty fun, unlocking achievements while making friends.

Cor lapis is a Liyue specialty so only Qiqi locates it.

hmmm… so i can run alt accounts on my other computers and set up an ore farm for myself?

just watched a YouTube video explaining that is actually possible, if you make an account on your phone and another on your pc or ps4 you can join and farm, multiclienting basics lol

As someone who has Chongyun as dps and Zhongli as support and recently got Keqing, I can confirm that collecting this is hard.

Just got keqing! Thank you for this