Chaos Oculus Location & How To Get

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The Chaos Oculus is an item that players can use for character and weapon ascension in Genshin Impact. Here’s everything you need about these common ascension materials, where to farm, how to craft, and which character or weapon it is used for.

Chaos Oculus
“Comes from a now-inactive ancient Ruin machine. The “Ruin” part of the name comes from the areas where they are most active. However, Ruin machines actually have little in common with the detritus in which they are often found. In the ancient past, these ruins were once part of a civilization mighty enough to almost touch the dome of the firmament, while “ruin” still waits in the deep places of the earth, awaiting the order to arise and tread all kingdoms underfoot.”
Dropped By
Ruin Sentinel
Version 2.0

How To Get Chaos Oculus

Chaos Oculus is obtainable from defeating a level 60+ Ruin Sentinel enemies in Inazuma. It can also be crafted in the Alchemy table using 3 pieces of Chaos Axis and 125 Mora.

Weapons That Use Chaos Oculus

These are the Weapons that use Chaos Oculus on their 5th and final ascension phases.

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