Cape Oath Chest Locations

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These are the location of all chests that can be found in Cape Oath in the Mondstadt region and some of these chests are well hidden and required some puzzles to unlock.

Cape Oath Chest Locations

Cape Oath Chest Locations
1. Beside a rock.
2. Chest hidden between some bushes.
3. Protected by a wind barrier.
4. Guarded by Hilichurls.
5. Getting close to the chest spawns 3 small and 1 big anemo slime. You can open the chest without killing the enemies.
6. Surrounded by wind barrier. Activate the nearby wind draft by collecting the 3 Seelies to fly over the barrier.
7. Easy to spot, just southeast of the 6th chest.
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Easy to follow, thanks dude. Next stormteror lair please