Black Crystal Horn Location & How To Get

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A Black Crystal Horn is an item that players can use for weapon ascension in Genshin Impact. Here’s everything you need about these common ascension materials, where to farm, how to craft, and which weapon it is used for.

Black Crystal Horn
“A metallic horn with an ominous shine decorated with black crystals of an unknown source. It has hardly been used at all. It is likely a ceremonial item of the hilichurls’.”
Dropped By
Mitachurl Lv 60+ / Lawachurl Lv 60+
Version 1.0

How To Get Black Crystal Horn

Black Crystal Horn is obtainable from defeating a level 60+ Mitachurl or a level 60+ Lawachurl.

Black Crystal Horn can be crafted in the Alchemy table in Mondstadt or Liyue using 3 pieces of Black Bronze Horn and 125 Mora.

Weapons That Use Black Crystal Horn

These are the Weapons that use Black Crystal Horn on their 5th and final ascension phases.

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