Best Team Comps For Zhongli

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In this Genshin Impact team building guide, we will be going over several team comps for our Geo character Zhongli. He is a powerful and flexible character that will be able to fit into most team composition with ease.

We will be taking a look at what elemental reactions we’ll want to make a priority when choosing teammates, the elemental resonances we can take advantage of, and several team compositions that will utilize Zhongli’s Geo element to help support his teammates. We will also discuss team composition from the best of the best to those easily accessible to free-to-play players.

Best Elemental Reactions

zhongli primary reactions

Zhongli is really quite limited in his elemental reaction choices, both those that he can help trigger himself and those he can take advantage of.


I would think of Crystallize as less of a protection reaction and more of an enabler reaction. Such that when we want our reactions to crystallize, we aren’t so invested in the actual protection the elemental shards provide as overall the shield capacity is quite low and only offering around 1,400 hp with a level 90 Zhongli. Which is even weaker than a lot of hits at high world levels or Spiral Abyss floors. Instead, we should use it to enable the Geo resonance as that is where we will get the most benefit.

Though because our main character for this team comp is Zhongli, this will be more of a backup since the main shield we’ll focus on using is his own.

One important thing to note about Crystallize is that because of the way Geo is applied to your previously applied element’s gauge, it won’t actually remove the aura element. So, you won’t have to worry about Zhongli’s skills passive damage interrupting any of your reactions, you can continue on without any hesitation.


Superconduct will be one of his strongest though only beneficial if you’re utilizing Zhongli as your main physical carry. Just keep in mind that since the majority of enemies in Genshin Impact have 10% physical resistance, once we go under zero percent resistance all additional debuffs will be halved. Since Zhongli’s shield drops us below 0% by itself, we won’t be getting as much value as we once were, though it’s still very powerful against high defense enemies such as Rune Guards or Lawachurl.

Best Resonances

Zhongli Resonances

Enduring rock

Enduring rock will be Zhongli’s overall best Resonance. Not only because it’s so easy to build as he’s already one half of the resonance but because of how powerful it is with the newly introduced 1.3 buffs. We already received a 15% damage increase before the buffs but now we also will receive a 15% durability improvement to all of our shields when shielded, dealing damage to enemies will lower their Geo resonance by 20% further increasing the damage either for Zhongli or any other Geo characters you may have on your team.

While in most cases, the 15% damage increase won’t actually be as effective as Fervent Flames, for a Geo character specifically, Geo resonance will now most often provide more damage which leads us into our next best resonance.

Fervent Flames

Even if one is better than the other who says we can’t run both? a 25% boost to our attack for essentially free is only going to help increase our damage especially with the honorary 5-star Pyro support that usually comes along with it.

Shattering Ice

Optional Resonances
Cryo resonance is also something to consider since Zhongli won’t be able to remove Cryo easily with his Geo application.

Best Team For Zhongli

The idea of this team is to get all your pieces in place. Albedo’s Isatoma, Fischel’s Oz, and Xingqui’s Rain Swords, and then Zhongli with an absolutely absurd amount of passive damage.

Zhongli Team #1

Having Fischel and Xingqui is especially important because of all the Electrocharged triggers we can activate to deal even more damage in an area of effect. This comp simply shreds enemies and because of how strong Zhongli’s shield is now, we really don’t need a dedicated healer. Xingqui and the crystallized triggers will be more than enough to supplement Zhongli’s protective capabilities.

Xingqui’s swords will also reduce incoming damage helping to keep Zhongli’s shield up even longer to extend the debuff passive and all the benefits we receive from the Geo resonance.

It’s also worth noting that having a Constellation 6 Fischel will be hugely beneficial to this team to avoid damage spreading around too thin though not a hundred percent necessary.

Albedo is the best option while looking to fill out the Geo Resonance role. He is the best Geo support next to Zhongli, he can stay off the field for up to 30 seconds allowing your main DPS to deal as much damage as possible without having to switch back every few seconds to reactivate your support’s abilities. With albedo, you can continually trigger crystallize leaving elemental shards on the battlefield that you can pick up at a later time.

Zhongli Team #2

This is a pretty self-explanatory team which is a Superconduct team. We have Fischl as she is very powerful alongside Zhongli and is our best electro applicator especially with Constellation 6. Beyond that, bring along your Cryo characters of choice.

If you wanted to explore the Cryo resonance, here would be the place to do it as we have access to two Cryo healers. I just wouldn’t play them at the same time.

Even if you don’t want the Cryo resonance though, just make sure that at least one of your characters does have some healing capabilities just in case you get into a sticky situation especially for Spiral Abyss where you don’t have access to food. However, if you feel like you can get away without a healer just bring your favorite off-field support though if it is an off-element character make sure that you can properly manage your elements aura so that you don’t mess up your Superconducts.

Zhongli Team #3

While it may not be the most competitive, I’m sure somebody out there will enjoy the gimmick of this team. Essentially, what we’ve got here is a freeze team without the freeze. Could we make this team with Hydro and Cryo characters instead? sure but where’s the fun in that? This team can also better use Albedo’s skill since our “freeze mechanic” will be doing damage and can proc his blossoms.

Both Venti and Sucrose produce a vacuum effect with their burst. When used in tandem with Zhongli’s petrification from his burst, we can crowd control enemies indefinitely. That being said your larger enemies may not think it’s as funny and probably won’t care so much about a little wind.

Zhongli Team #3

This is a pretty standard team. Both Pyro and Geo resonance will ensure that we get the most damage that we can out of our resonances. Again we have the core of Zhongli and Albedo and beyond that our Pyro core is Bennett and Xinyan. Xiangling would also suffice here for more off-field energy regeneration and damage though Xinyan adds a bit more to the synergy of this team providing an additional way to spark a shield and she will also increase Zhongli’s physical damage and further reduce our enemies physical resistance.

Then of course we have Bennett and what hasn’t already been said about Bennett. He heals, he buffs, he deals pyro damage, he’s half of our pyro resonance, he generates a lot of energy, he just does all the things. Unfortunately, he is the only Pyro healer that we have currently and we don’t have a Geo healer so if you’re running this team comp, you could get away without Bennett if you don’t have him though for Spiral Abyss I would definitely think twice about using this comp if you’re lacking our young adventurer.

Hopefully, you found this team guide useful and will help you in deciding which characters to move forward and build.

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