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What about xiao fischl diona and sucrose? I only have these characters from the suggestions and I thought that superconduct could be good because xiao does a lot of physical damage.

i actually run that team comp and already planning to go level 90 for those char since I really like it. Also, my sucrose is already c6

What if Teamed Xiao with Zhongli, C4 Albedo (+30% plunge attack buff inside Solar Isotoma), C4 Jean (-40% Anemo Res Inside Dandelion Breeze)? I think this is gonna be a whale line-up.

I been playing around with Xiao, albeto, qiqi, and xiangling, which I find is working really well. Granted I would use sucrose instead of xiangling, but I dont have her. But the idea behind that one is albeto adds some bonus damage with his E, and I have him using The exile, plus with qiqi and xiangling, I get a solid amount of sheilding too. Qiqi is there for healing, and xiangling is there for the damage buff. Plus whenever she does melt, or swirl she will give xiao burst charge. This team comp is essentailly revolves around xiao always having a burst up, and qiqi and albeto with sheilding and healing neglates the health cost of his burst. Tho your article gave me an idea to use a double ice build which imma play around with. Tho i feel like chongyun instead of ganyu might work well cause it will increase xiao’s attack rate and give him bonus damage.

I personally like sucrose more than venti but I only tried venti in the trial. I have c1 sucrose and its crazy how fast she can recharge for xiao.

What do you think about replacing venti with sucrose in the very first set up? I don’t have venti but I have sucrose, do you think it would make a huge difference?

All I know sucrose is better than Venti for energy recharge, Venti’s aoe can not touch a group of small/ lighyweight enemies. Venti is better than Sucrose only for Aoe damage.

i have been waiting for months and saving a lot of primogems until his release and i got him on my 3rd pull, his very fun to play and a game changer for me.